It’s a love-hate relationship with this vegetable that goes crunch. Just look online under “why do people hate celery?” A 2011 Japanese survey showed

Sallie and Haley are approx 8 & 10 year old rottweiler mixes who weigh 90 pounds. They are vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, rabies vaccinated, and

Yes the title of this article is a play on reckless operation. But I’m sure the person observed committing this act is guilty of at least reckless

This winter has been rather mild so don’t get fooled like the frog in the tepid water on the low heat burner. He was so comfortable that he ended up

It’s in virtually every household in America. It cleans out and refreshes cold air storage units. It soothes bee stings in the summer. It removes

Topanga is an approx 3 year old pit mix who weighs 53 pounds. She is vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, rabies vaccinated, heartworm negative and

Maybe it’s all in the definition. Or the many years of filing charges against people and knowing what the law actually states. In Ohio, there are laws

February days can be brutal. Weather is not conducive to outdoor hours. Time is not any more forgiving than any other winter month. Cooking is taking

Most of us are still waiting for spring to get here so we can get out in the yard and start cleaning up after the winter. Speaking of cleaning up,

It is time for all those things w want to do for a great new year. In my research I found a poem by Susan Polis Schutz that I would like to share with

I recently interviewed some of my habitual customers in the jail. These are the guys who are addicted to heroin, but will take any drug they can get

Meet Grinnel. She’s an ambassador from the Glen Helen Raptor Center. She and her companion ambassadors, Theo and Will, visited with area residents at


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