3 Council Seats Up for Grabs in November

The November ballot is set and the three incumbents on New Carlisle City Council will be challenged by three new candidates hoping to unseat one or more of the current council members.

Incumbents Mike Lowrey, Bill McIntire and Ethan Reynolds are being challenged for their seats on council by Bob Alexander, Darryl Bauer and William Lindsey.

Following a year of many changes and challenges to the city government which included the loss of two deputies due to financial challenges, a budget with a thin margin for carry over and the sudden departure of City Manager Kim Jones the incumbents will need to convince voters to stay the course if they are to be re-elected.

The city also recently spent nearly $10,000 to investigate the city fire department. The controversy over the leadership of the department and the ability of the department to fully staff shifts recently resulted in the resignation of Chief Bradley Phillips and three other top ranking officers in the department.

The city was able to find support for a police levy in May and resolved the Twin Creeks subdivision situation recently helping to stabilize some of the budgetary concerns.

As election day draws closer, voters will have an opportunity to decide if the city government will remain the same or if change is in the future for New Carlisle as three seats appear on the ballot for city council this November.

Other seats up this November include:

For Township Trustee
(Vote for not more than 1)
 Douglas Frank
 Nancy L. Marine
 David A. Phares
 For Fiscal Officer
(Vote for not more than 1)
 Melanie M. Cochran
For Township Trustee
(Vote for not more than 1)
 Adam Steele
For Fiscal Officer
(Vote for not more than 1)
 Cheryl Sigler
For Member of Council
(Vote for not more than 4)
 Bob Alexander
 Darryl Bauer
 William Lindsey
 Mike Lowrey
 Bill McIntire
 Ethan Reynolds

For Member of Board of Education
(Vote for not more than 2)
 Libbee Hasting
 Sri Melethil
 Paul L. Snyder
 Russell Steele
 Andy Gundolf
 For Member of Board of Education
 (Vote for not more than 2)
 Kevin K. E. Becker
 Gary P. Cochran
 Brett Collins
 Peter Scarff
 Corinne M. Scott

For Judge of Municipal Court
(Full term commencing 01-01-2016)
(Vote for not more than 1)
 Thomas E. Trempe
For Judge of Municipal Court
(Full term commencing 01-02-2016) (Vote for not more than 1)
 Eugene S. Nevius
 Daniel D. Carey
For Member of Governing Board of Educational Service Center
(Vote for not more than 2)
 Kelly Reynolds
 Stan Wenclewicz
 Richard Zsambok
 Amy Agle Foreman
 Linda A. Jordan

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