New Carlisle Finance Director Colleen Harris reported to City Council that the pool lost an estimated $2446 this season. She said that revenues were very good, due to the hot weather, and expenses were less than budgeted. She commended the pool staff for keeping expenses down. She said not all of the bills have been received, but vendors were contacted for amounts. She said that the total loss may be reduced some, but will not go up once all of the bills are received.

Fire Chief Steve Trusty announced several promotions within the department. Capt. Diane Geiselman was promoted to Assistant Chief of EMS; Lt. Jamie Werling was promoted to Captain of EMS, Firefighter Dan Rim was promoted to EMS Lieutenant, Firefighter Steve Schaefer was promoted to Fire Lieutenant; and Trainees Selinda Sizemore and Brooklyn Beller were promoted to Firefighter.

Trusty commended all in his department for their hard work. He said that his department’s staff has increased steadily since he was named Chief.

Trusty also said that Medic 52A, the second squad, responded to three calls recently. He said that he has enough staff who live in town that he was able to man a second squad on short notice.

He also said that the department has about 50 smoke alarms left that are free to city residents. If you need a smoke detector, call the Fire Department at 845-8401.

City Manager Randy Bridge commended several residents for their help in cleaning up Willowick and New Carlisle Parks. Council members William Lindsey and Ethan Reynolds and residents Shannon Spotts, Richard & Kelly Reynolds and Emily Cook were thanked for their service to the city. Cook was not at the meeting.

“Every city needs volunteer work,” said Bridge. “I don’t care how wealthy or how poor the city is, volunteers are necessary.”

Bridge also announced that he received a bid of $8500 to resurface the floor of the Smith Park Shelter House. He said that the city would also like to add on the building to include kitchen facilities.

“We lose a lot of rentals because we don’t have kitchen facilities,” he said.

A Prentice Dr. resident complained about a neighbor who keeps his trash cans at the curb. She said that they have been there for three months, and he just keeps putting more trash in them, but doesn’t take them to the house after they are emptied.

Bridge informed her that he would have to check the records to see if the Code Enforcement Officer has done anything about the situation. He also said that some people know how to play the system to follow the law but yet violate the intent of the law.

Council Member Rick Lowrey said that Bridge’s response about people playing the system was “totally unacceptable,” and that council needs to do something about it.

Bridge reminded Lowrey that he would have to check the city records to see what has been done about the situation.

Council also heard the second reading of an ordinance to continue the City’s liability policy with USI Insurance Services.

Council member Lowell McGlothin suggested that Bridge investigate raising the city’s deductible to $1000, instead of the current $500. “$1000 is the average deductible that people carry, especially businesses,” said McGlothin. “I’ve spent 30 years in insurance, and by raising the deductible to $1000, we should be able to get substantial savings.”

Other council members asked if the ordinance could be tabled until Bridge checked on raising the deductible, or if the policy could be amended after it was renewed.

Bridge told council members that this discussion should have been brought up two weeks ago when the ordinance was introduced. “You’ve had this for over two weeks,” said Bridge. “Why are you bringing this up at the last minute?”

Council member William Lindsey responded, “We’re not allowed to discuss it until the second reading.”

Council passed the ordinance.

The next regular meeting of New Carlisle City Council will be on November 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the Smith Park Shelter House. The public is invited to attend.

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