Although beautiful, autumn brings with it a whole mess of dead leaves that need to be raked, piled, and disposed of. After the kids get bored with jumping in them, it may be tempting to simply light a fire under those leaf piles to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

New Carlisle Fire Chief, Steve Trusty, says the open burning of leaves is not allowed within the city limits, citing Ohio Administrative Code 18773-9533, which says, “No person or property owner shall cause or allow open burning in a restricted area.”

The Ohio EPA banned openly burning of leaves, in part, because burning leaves and plant materials releases millions of spores, which can cause a lot of problems for people with allergies and who suffer from asthma.

A better option for getting rid of pesky fallen foliage is mulching. Not only is it legal, it also provides a source of organic mulch for springtime planting.

The City of New Carlisle is providing a different option for residents not interested in mulching. The city is offering a free leaf pick-up and disposal program within the city limits. A leaf drop-off point is located behind the building at 600 W. Madison St. in New Carlisle, and leaves will be accepted at that location until Dec. 27. Curbside pick-up is also available, but with restrictions. Information about the leaf disposal program is available on the homepage of the city’s website (

The city’s refuse collector, Waste Management, will also remove leaves that are placed in the regular trash toter on a regularly-scheduled trash day. Leaves in plastic bags and left on the curb will not be picked up. Leaves must not be placed in the Recycling toter.

For more information about open burning restrictions, call the New Carlisle Fire Department at (937) 845-8401. For more information about New Carlisle’s leaf disposal program visit its website or call (937) 845-9492.

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