Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich and New Carlisle City Councilman Ethan Reynolds Jim Copes | Photo

Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich attended the Young Republicans meeting held Saturday, April 25 at the Methodist Church in New Carlisle.

New Carlisle City Councilman Ethan Reynolds also spoke at the event, which he said was attended by 50 to 60 people. Reynolds said he spoke of the importance of vocational schools and how traditional college and university experience is not the right fit for everyone. He said he felt it was imperative to educate high school students on the options offered by vocational schools, saying such programs better-suit those who wish to learn one trade and develop it into a profession. Reynolds said he also spoke on the importance of getting young people involved in government, saying they have a chance to participate in the way our future lives are governed.

Reynolds said Governor Ehrlich discussed bringing Americans into a new generation through issues such as charter schools, tax reform, and lobbying reform. He said Ehrlich was also supportive of getting young people involved in politics in order to pass the torch onto the next generation.

Reynolds said this meeting was part of the Young Republicans’ “Race To The White House 2016” series. He said Ehrlich is currently conducting what he called a “listening campaign” to determine whether or not his blue-collar, working-class mission will resonate with voters.

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