New Carlisle Mayor Mike Lowrey presented New Carlisle Elementary Principal Kathryn Randenburg with a proclamation honoring the school for receiving the State School Board’s Momentum Award

City Manager Randy Bridge informed New Carlisle City Council at their meeting last Monday that he has met with the City’s legal representative, and recommends having a new Phase 1 Environmental Study and an Asbestos Study completed.

The price tag for both studies would be $6,000.

The next step would be getting approval from City Council to spend the money.

Vancrest has been consolidating Belle Manor residents into Dayview, and said that they would donate the Belle Manor facility to the City after all of their residents have been moved out.

“I want to make sure we cross our T’s and dot our I’s before we accept the property,” said Bridge.

He said that a Phase 1 study was done about three years, ago, but it is only good for 6 months. He said he wanted to use the same engineering firm that did that study to do the new ones because it will cut down drastically on the time it would take to complete it.

Council member Rick Lowrey suggested that Bridge ask the current owners to pay for the study. Bridge said that he didn’t see why they would pay for it, but he would ask them.

Mayor Mike Lowrey presented a proclamation to New Carlisle Elementary School Principal Kathryn Randenburg. The school received the 2016 Ohio State Board of Education’s 2016 Momentum Award. The award was presented to four schools in Clark County, and New Carlisle Elementary was the only elementary school to win the award.

“I am very grateful,” said Randenburg. “I share this with everyone at New Carlisle Elementary.”
Council Member Jim Leathley announced that his employer, Security National Bank, will match donations made within 90 days to the Fire Department’s Lucas Tool fund, up to $3,500. He said he would get the ball rolling with a $500 donation. He said he had also talked to New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank, and they will also be donating $500.

Fire Chief Steve Trusty expressed gratitude to Leathley and all who have donated to the fund.

The Lucas Tool is an automatic CPR machine that increases patients’ survival rate from 20% to 60%.

Bridge announced that the process to buy a new police cruiser has begun. He said the vehicle is not in stock and would have to be ordered. Expected delivery date would be April or May. The cruiser would then have light bars and the Sheriff’s emblem installed. He said he would also like to get two dash cams, priced at $5,000 each.

Council also heard a presentation from Ethan Harris, Grants & Land Bank Manager for the Clark County Fair Housing Program.

Harris said that grants were being sought for projects in New Carlisle.

The agency also handles landlord/tenant disputes. He said that some of the best ways to alleviate disputes are to:

Have a written and current lease. Get everything in writing.

Pay your rent on time. If you are one day late, you have no legal course of action. All rights then go to the Landlord.

He said the first step in filing a dispute with your landlord is to contact the City.

Fair Housing can also provide guidance in cases of illegal discrimination, but they cannot offer legal advice.

Bridge informed Council that the City has a Facebook page, and he invited all residents to visit it and to “like” it.

Council also voted to:

Appoint Mike Lowrey and John Krabacher to the Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Dependent Fund Board

Appoint Paul Molla, Jr. and Sue Thompson to the Tax Board of Review

Appoint Patricia McFarland to the Planning Board

Appoint Janet Addeo to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Bridge also informed council that the City has a total of 7 vacancies on four boards and is seeking applicants to fill those vacancies. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and residents of the City. To apply, contact City Hall at 845-9492.

The next regular meeting of New Carlisle City Council will be on Tuesday, February 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the Smith Park Shelter House. The public is invited to attend.

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