City Manager Randy Bridge informed New Carlisle City Council at their Monday meeting that the city has received $133,040 from the sale of the Twin Creeks properties and another $130,000 from the Kennedy Trust settlement.

“This is great news,” said Bridge. “This is more than I had expected.”

The Twin Creeks properties were sold to a developer for $189,000, but delinquent taxes had to be paid out of that amount.

City Council agreed that the full amount should be applied toward the outstanding Twin Creeks debt, which is currently around $630,000.

For years, the city has been making annual payments of around $88,000 to retire the debt.

“The sooner we can get this paid off, the sooner we can use that money for other needed projects around the city,” said Bridge.

City Clerk Gene Collier informed council that he received petitions from Kelli Bartlett to allow an income tax credit for city residents who work in another community and pay income tax there. He has verified that the petitions contain the correct number of signatures, and has forwarded them to the Clark County Board of Elections to verify the signatures.

“This would be devastating to the city,” said Bridge. “If you work in Springfield, where they have a 2% income tax, we would have to give you a 100% credit toward your New Carlisle income tax liability.”

Bridge added that most city residents work outside of the city, and that we have no industry.

“Dublin offers a tax credit for those who work outside of the city, but they also have a large industrial base to help offset the lost revenue from tax credits,” said Bridge.

Bartlett later addressed council and stated that many city residents who work elsewhere pay no income tax where they work.

“Beavercreek has no income tax,” she said. “Wright-Patt doesn’t have income tax. People who work in townships don’t pay income tax.”

She said that she is employed in Dayton and pays 4% of her income to cities.

She also listed several communities who offer a tax credit, including Jamestown, Cedarville and South Charleston.

City Council will hold a community meeting on Thursday, May 25 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at New Carlisle Elementary School to discuss the acquisition of the Belle Manor property. Council wishes to hear from the community on this matter.

The next meeting of the New Carlisle City Council will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 15 at the Smith Park Shelter House.

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