Chris Shamy was appointed to New Carlisle City Council by a vote of 4-2. ANDY GRIMM | PHOTO

Chris Shamy lost his bid for New Carlisle City Council last November by one vote, but was appointed to the seat vacated by Jim Leathley.

Early results on election night showed Shamy ahead of Ronald Cobb by just a few votes. After a manual recount of every vote in the city, Cobb was declared the winner by one vote.

The final results had 432 votes for Cobb and 431 for Shamy.

Those nominated for the vacant council seat at the special meeting on Thursday evening were Shamy and Becky McKenzie.

Law Director Lynnette Dinkler gave instructions on how the voting should proceed and Mayor Ethan Reynolds confirmed her instructions with her.

On the first vote, McKenzie got three votes and Shamy got four.

Then Dinkler explained the voting procedure in a different fashion.

On the second vote, McKenzie got two votes and Shamy got four.

“Becky, I really really hope that you run in two years,” said Reynolds, “I think you will be a fantastic councilwoman when you win in two years.”

Shamy was sworn in by Clerk of Council Emily Berner.

Council then moved into a work session on the 2018 budget.

The biggest discussion came on allocations for the Parks. The budget presented to Council allocated $15,000 for renovations to the Smith Park Shelter House.

“I’d like to see new tables and chairs and maybe a small area over there with a fridge and microwave,” said Council Member Mike Lowrey.

Shelter House rental brought in over $11,000 to the city in 2017.

The budget also allocated $2,500 for the Parks and Rec Board for special events.

Mayor Reynolds and Council Member Bill Cook discussed the possibility of a fireworks display.

“Everybody has fireworks on the fourth of July,” said Cook. “Let’s say the fourth is on a Monday. We pick the Saturday when the business community is open. They’re going to gain from all of this.”

“I think this is a good way to give back to the community,” said Reynolds.

“I think it’s silly to pay $6,000 on fireworks when we have other things that we need to take care of,” said Becky McKenzie of the Parks and Rec Board.

Council Member Aaron Leighty asked how much it would cost to improve lighting at the parks.

“We don’t even have signage at the parks,” said McKenzie. “I got an estimate on minimal signage and it came to $2,000.”

Lowrey also suggested soliciting donations for a fireworks display.

Council agreed to have the budget adjusted to allocate $10,000 for fireworks and $5,000 for the Parks and Rec Board.

Work sessions on the budget will continue in future meetings.

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