Doyle Wright City Council 1230New Carlisle will be welcoming two new deputies in 2016 which is the result of the approval of the police levy in 2015.

Council approved a contract with the Clark County Sheriff in a special meeting held on December 30th. Chief Deputy Doyle Wright attended the meeting to answer any questions that the council might have concerning the contract for services.

The contract is estimated at $330,973.93 for the year, however this cost could be reduced depending on who bids the fourth position from within the sheriff’s department explained Chief Wright.

The known costs are $77,857.23 for Deputy Crews, $69,858.04 for Deputy Allender and $83,000.45 for new to New Carlisle Deputy Mieko Lyons. The fourth deputy was estimated at the top of the pay grade to assure that no matter who bids the position, the city would be able to budget for the expense. That cost is estimated at $99,053.21 which assumes the highest cost of salary and benefits package.

City Manager Randy Bridge explained that the contract would be amended once the fourth deputy is identified and the actual costs were fixed.

In the contract, it was noted that no funding is being considered for the services of a “supervisor”. Sergeant Ralph Underwood has attended meetings in the past and the city was charged his overtime rate of pay for that time. In an effort to reduce costs late in 2015, one of the deputies assigned to the city provided reporting at the council meetings. Underwood does supply the monthly report, plans schedules for the deputies and handles any issues that arise in the city as part of his normal duties for the department at no cost to the city.

Wright also clarified that while the deputies were in training for the street patrol and any further training that is required; they were compensated by Sheriff Kelly as part of his budget at no cost to the city.

When asked about the extra costs for additional coverage over the past months, Wright explained that Bethel Township set their extra duty compensation at $35 per hour while across the county the rate is $25 per hour including Moorefield Township.

When asked about coverage for vacation time and other absences, Wright explained to council that if a deputy is on vacation, no coverage is supported by the Sheriff’s office. However if a deputy assigned to the city is on extended sick leave, the department can provide a replacement.

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