New Carlisle Council met in regular session on Tuesday, February 16 due to the holiday on Monday of last week.

Fire Chief Steve Trusty presented helmets to Gary Stitzel who has been appointed as an EMS Lieutenant and Jeff Landes who has been promoted to Fire Lieutenant. Stitzel comes from a family of fire fighters and has been with the department for eight years. Landes has spent four years with the department and is currently enrolled in Paramedic courses to upgrade his licensure.

“We have everything we need in our division” said Trusty of the promotions and the recognition of the various training and other services that Stitzel and Landes will provide to the department.

Trusty also reported that the department is receiving between three to five applications per month from first responders around the community and across the Miami Valley. Trusty noted that all of the EMS professionals have completed protocol testing with a 100% pass rate.

The department recently received news that they will receive and EMS grant that will cover the cost of EMT school and CPR training classes.

In his report to council Trusty was asked last month to explain the use of the Battalion unit for the department. Trusty noted that this allows for a third person to be on all calls whether fire or EMS. The Dodge Pickup is equipped with “everything needed at a scene” stated Trusty. The unit is manned by officers from the department who are on 12 to 24 hour shifts each month and are only paid for 2 hours per 12 hour shift. They are not paid unless they respond to a call according to Trusty.

As he elaborated on the unit, Trusty explained that the Battalion vehicle is equipped with everything needed to allow supervision on the scene of an event. If the call is to a medical emergency, the officer can begin to provide aide and treatment to a patient until a medic unit arrives. Should a removal be needed and both members of the squad are with the patient, the officer can leave the Battalion unit at the scene and drives the medic to allow the patient to have the crew provide CPR and other life saving treatment on the way to the hospital.

In the case of a fire or other event such as an accident, the unit provides a mobile command post for the department. In many cases the officer is able to know which units are on a scene, if mutual aid is needed and direct the response from the vehicle.

Trusty also reported that the department was recently contacted regarding a fundraiser by the Church of the Brethren. The funds raised during Lent will be used to help the department purchase a Lucas Tool which provides CPR for a patient allowing the crew to continue treatment to save lives. The cost of the tool is around $13,000 and has become a valuable tool in many departments around the county.

City Manager Randy Bridge informed council that the city has received two letters from appraisal companies related to the Twin Creeks properties. Bridge stated that he may be seeking a third appraisal prior to making a recommendation to council concerning next steps.

Bridge explained that the city has heard from the individual who was interested in purchasing the lots in bulk. Bridge now has all of the deeds in his possession.

One company from the Springfield area indicated in their letter that the property would be listed with their company at $10,000 per lot with the exception of three lots that would be considered as higher in value. Two of those lots could be listed at $11,000 and the third at $12,000. The company would charge a commission of $750 per lot or a bulk sale would bring them 6% in commission charges.

The second company a “licensed appraiser” listed appraisal fees of around $3,500 in their letter. A 25% retainer fee of $875 was also noted in the letter to Bridge which would be part of the appraisal fee and due at the time of engaging services.

Council passed Ordinance 16-07 with dissenting votes cast by council members Ethan Reynolds and William Lindsey approving raises for Howard Kitko and Colleen Harris. Kitko would receive a 1.2% raise bringing his annual salary to $51,579.10. Harris would receive an increase in compensation of 3.6% for a new yearly salary of $49,728.17.

When asked about defending the raises, Bridge stated that he would support the raises based on the hours of service provided to the city by both Harris and Kitko. He noted that he also takes home work and is doing the job of three people for the city. In his comments Bridge suggested that Harris is often putting in up to 60 or more hours per week to complete the required tasks of her office.

In his report to council, Sergeant Ralph Underwood reported that Jeff Boswell will be the fourth deputy to join the New Carlisle force. The anticipated date for his completion of training is mid March. Boswell will then join the three female deputies assigned to the contract for the City of New Carlisle.

A Joint Government meeting will be held on Monday, February 29 at Smith Park Shelter House beginning at 6:30 pm. The public is welcome to attend.

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