tipsubmit display3 sampleIn 2013 the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office kicked off the Tip Submit as part of Cole’s Warriors. According to Clark County Prosecutor Andy Wilson, the goal was to allow school age children to be able to report a crime and not have to worry about possible retaliation.

The app can be downloaded to your phone from the app store and registered with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. No one will know who submitted the tip as everything is anonymous for this program. In 2014 the program was moved to include the entire county and not just the local schools.

In 2017 the program will switch from Tip Submit to a free program that will be called Crime Stoppers. Currently the Tip Submit program is funded entirely by money seized from drug dealers Wilson explained.

If you would like to learn more about the app or online version, visit You can watch a brief video on the site which describes the tip submitting process. You would submit a community tip and select Clark County Sheriff from your choices. The tip is password protected so that no one will know who you are. When you have submitted the tip, you will also get confidential confirmation to assure that your tip is anonymous.

The program has been used successfully in the City of Springfield. The community resource officers have used the opportunity to introduce the Tip Submit option to neighborhood associations and community groups. There are also placards on display in public locations around the city.

Tips have been coming into the Clark County Sheriff’s office, but Sheriff Kelly would like to see more people in the community adding the app to their cell phones and sharing information that could lead to the arrest of individuals around the county who have been part of a crime. Of note is the fact that you can be at the scene of an incident and submit your tip without being afraid that the perpetrator is aware of your reporting.

You can join the Crime Stoppers team by adding this free app to your phone. Available for both iPhone and Android.

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