At the February 4, 2015 meeting of the Clark County Commissioners Approved the implementation of a Catastrophic Leave Donation Policy for the Auditor’s Office Employees.  John Federer, Auditor,  explained that” Some departments in the county have had catastrophic leave polices in the past. My employees requested that the auditor office develop a similar policy.”  

Nathan Kennedy, County Administrator, replied,” There are pluses and minuses to such a policy.  It works well for small departments in which the supervisors know the employees well, but with larger departments in which the supervisors aren’t as familiar with all of the employees it can lead to potential abuse.”

Commissioner Lohnes, said “I think it is great we can really help people who need it.  I would like to see it expanded”

Commissioner Detrick, added, “It is a very progressive move at no expense to the tax payers.”

The Auditors department allows for an employee to receive donated leave time up to the number of hours the employee is scheduled to work each pay period.  The donation is available to employees who have no accrued leave and have experienced a catastrophic illness or injury to themselves or their immediate family as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act.

In addition the commissioners approved a request from CYKA Investments, Inc. to rezone 35.07 acres (nine parcels located on Enon Road, New Carlisle from A-1 Agricultural to R-1 Rural Residence District.  The request was initially made to bring the lots in compliance with current zoning regulations.  The maximum size allowed for A-1 in 4.99 acres, each of the lots are 5.01 acres.  In addition the owner requested a lot split from a larger parcel to the property to attach to one of the nine parcels. The proposed property would exceed the 9.99 acre limit of AR-5; therefore, the owners requests the R-1 zoning which has no size limit. The purpose of expanding the lot is for the eventual home owner to have a better view.  The elevation increases to the rear of the larger lot, which is where the applicant wants to build a new

In other business, the commissioners approved a contract with New Horizons Computer Training to train staff for Excel.

In addition, the commissioners approved a contract with Eli Williams of Springfield for $45,000 for the Fatherhood Coordination Services effective from February 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016.

They also approved a payment to Ohio Real Estate Title, Inc. the purchase of the property a 0 Elm Rd Medway. The commissioners approved the purchase of the property in December and the property will be moved into the land bank. In addition they approved partial payment to Peterson Construction Company for $123,834 for the Southwest Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion.

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