Clark County Commissioners and the Humane Society Serving Clark County agreed to new terms that will keep stray dogs in the county. Earlier, Commissioners had announced that the dog wardens would have to take dogs to Montgomery County after the Humane Society and the County was at an impasse concerning the contract.

"There was a lot of confusion in the community about our role and the non-profit Humane Society's role in animal welfare," said Commission president Richard L. Lohnes. "Sitting down together, we found a way to reach both of our goals and keep the dog pound services here in Clark County."

“The Humane Society will still need community support in terms of volunteers and donations to save the lives of as many animals as we can,” said Humane Society Board Chairwoman Carol Dunlap. “It is important for all dog owners to keep their dog’s license up to date to ensure adequate funding to save lives and keep Clark County dogs here in the county. We are pleased to continue our mission of 'providing for the safety and well-being of homeless animals, to place animals with adoptive homes, and to prevent animal cruelty and neglect through community education.' We are also pleased to continue the decades old partnership with Clark County for the good of the animals and the mutual benefit of the community which both of us passionately serve."

Both the Commissioners and the Society believe that dogs from the county should be kept in the county and will work together to ensure all dogs receive the best possible treatment.

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