The final assessments for property owners along the Phoneton water line extension project will be less than half the original estimate, the Miami County commissioners were told June 7.

County Sanitary Engineer Paul Huelskamp updated the project that was met with opposition from some property owners in the Bethel Township work area.

The initial project assessment estimate was $8,000 per property.

Huelskamp said the assessment per benefitting parcel will be $3,168. That number includes a $200,000 Ohio Public Works Commission loan and the tap in fee, which the township trustees asked to be included in the assessments, he said.

The assessment, which can be paid over 20 years, will affect 153 parcels.

“What a bargain,” said Commission President Jack Evans.

Doug Evans, the assistant sanitary engineer, said the assessment was offset by $1 million the township put into the project.

The added property owner cost will include $25 inspection fee and the cost to the property owner for the plumber to install to the home.

“I think we are pretty happy with the way it is shaping up,” Huelskamp said. The next step will be legislation asking the commissioners to approve the assessments.

The project estimate was $2.5 million with the bid awarded to Milcon Construction of Troy for $1,832,646.

The project wraps up water and sewer projects for the Brandt and Phoneton areas of the township.

“I just want to thank everybody here for working on that project and making it go as well as it could have. I know it took a long time to make that decision, but I think we went about the right steps to do it,” Commissioner John “Bud” O’Brien said.

He also said the county was fortunate to have mild enough weather in the winter for the work to be done.

Huelskamp said Matt Ryan of his staff was involved day to day in the project, working with property owners and other issues.

The project location was in the following area: 6163 E. U.S. Route 40 west to 2988 E. U.S. Route 40; 8745 S. State Route 202 south to 9800 S. State Route 202; 9275 S. Wildcat Road south to 9605 S. Wildcat Road; and Shroyer and Dinsmore drives.

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