The Bethel Township Trustees at their regular meeting on August 25, 2015 had no formal action pending. However, Andy Ehrhart, Township Administrator, provided the trustees with an update on actions completed by the Fire Department for the period from August 8, 2015 through August 21, 2015. During that time, the fire department made 23 runs. Fourteen of these runs were for emergency medical services (EMS). In addition, the fire department responded to two motor vehicle accidents with injuries.

Thirteen of the 23 calls were to the southwest quadrant of the township, which encompasses the Huber Heights developments as well as the Phoneton area.

For Planning and Zoning, Jeff Green reported that two applications were requested and issued. The first was for an addition to a residence at 8182 SR 201. The second was for a sign permit at 7745 Agenbroad Road, which is the Three Springs Lake Property. In Zoning Enforcements, Green reported that he issued three zoning violations. One was for a pool at 8125 SR 202, which had not gone through the proper zoning procedures and two high grass and noxious weeds violations at 4340 West Charleston and 2568 US 40. The township previously mowed the 2568 US 40 address. If the property owners do not address the issues, the township will mitigate the problem and place a lien on the property owners’ tax bills.

In addition, Green announced that the Miami County Planning Commission had heard a request and approved it from Emma Underwood of 6665 US 40 to rezone the properties at 6665 and 6659 US 40 from B- General Business to R-1AAA Single Family Residential. He also announced that the Bethel Township Zoning Commission would meet on August 27, 201 to hear the same case.

Furthermore, Green announced the meeting of the Bethel Township Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting scheduled for August 26, 2015. At that time, the board would hear four cases including a request from David and Kristin Niemeyer of 4300 Ginghamsburg W. Charleston Road to increase the height of their front yard fence from four feet to six feet. They would also hear a request from Emma Underwood of 6665 US 40 to decrease the required lot size for a single-family residence from 31,250 sq. ft to 10,018 sq ft. In addition, they would hear a case from Honor Smith of N 3412 Hwy M-35, Menominee MI for a triple variance to increase the maximum size of an accessory structure from 1600 sq ft to 2500 sq. ft., to build an accessory structure before the primary residence, and to live in a camper on the property while the primary structure is completed. The property is located on the west side of Dayton-Brandt Road, south of Agenbroad. The final case scheduled is a continuation of a conditional usage request from Three Spring Lakes to allow a pay lake at 7745 Agenbroad Road.

The next regular meeting of the Bethel Township Trustees is schedule for September 8, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the township meeting room.

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