At the November 19, 2015 meeting at the Bethel Township Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), the board heard and approved a request form Gordon Wells to rezone the property at 9060 SR 202.

Wells requested that the required road frontage be reduced from the required 175 feet to 70 feet, and to decrease the required lot size from 32,500 sq ft to 23,500 sq ft. Wells made the request because his sister, who lives immediately south of the property in question, would like to expand her existing yard; however, she does not want to maintain, the entire existing lot.

Jeff Green, Zoning and Planning, recommended the lot split with reduced frontage and square footage requirements with the recommendation that the Myrtle Wells estate apply for new property deeds for the properties. The estate also owns parcel A01-086223 which lies west of the properties requested for rezoning and runs the length of the resulting two split properties and Wells’ sisters’ property. Green strongly recommended that the A01-086204 be re-deeded to include this property in order to make all the properties more attractive to future developers.

The board approved the lot split with the recommendations from Green.

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