On September 26, 2017 The Tecumseh Local Board of Education held its regular meeting in the Arrow Conference Room at Tecumseh High School. All members were present. District Superintendent Norm Glismann, Assistant Superintendent Paula Crew, District Secretary Debra Schock, Special Education Director Susan Wile and Principal Ivan Gehret were present.

Master Sargent Antonio Ruiz of the Tecumseh AFJROTC was introduced. He brought with him his leadership team Core Commander Merrill Cline #1 student and First Sargent Mason Plank #4 student. It was reported that they did well at inspection received the distinguished unit award for the fourteenth consecutive year. There are currently 108 cadets within the Tecumseh AFJROTC. The cadets have been collecting money at the football games for the veterans and have collected $14,700.00 to date. Their goal is to complete over 3,675 total community service hours. To reach this goal they are completing such activities as cleaning up after football games and volunteering for all three days of the Heritage of Flight Festival. They will also continue to work on the needy family Christmas. Academic goals are to maintain a 2.65 grade point average and a B average in aerospace science. The Drill competition in Anchor Bay is October 20th through October 21, 2107.

Kurt Lewis, BOE president opened new business with Adoption of Consent Calendar – Personnel. Pertinent information was taken directly from the Tecumseh Local Board of Education Agenda—Regular Meeting. A. Employments – Classified Three individuals recommended for employment for 2017-18 school year with salaries as presented; B. and B1. Employment - Substitutes 2017 -2018, eighteen individuals listed as substitute on an as-needed basis; C. Employment – Supplemental – Travel (2017-2018 School Year); the following employee and travel amount is recommended for approval for the 2017-18 school year: Angela Greene - $750.00 dollars; D. Employments – Supplemental - Mentors The following individuals six mentors and six mentees are recommended for the position for the 2017-18 school year – salary as per the Negotiated Agreement; E. Employments – Supplemental – Resident Educator Facilitators three individuals; F. Employment – Supplemental – Miscellaneous following individual recommended or the position as listed for the 2017 – 18 school year – salary as per the Negotiated Agreement. THS Fall Play Justin Hoke.

Mrs. Christmann asked if the substitutes were formally evaluated. Mr. Glismann answered stating that there is not a formal evaluation. The principals do observe the substitutes and addressed concerns. Mr. Glismann further stated that Paula Crew is now doing a short interview with the substitute teachers. After further discussion the BOE voting to accept the Personnel Items A-F including B1.

Next order of business was the Adoption of Consent Calendar – Administrative G-K including K1. G. ESC Contract. The board is requested to approve a contract for services with the Clark County ESC for FY 2018 and presented; H. National School Lunch Week Resolution. The Board is Requested to Adopt a resolution designating October 9-13, 2017, as National School Lunch Week, as presented I National School Bus Safety Week Resolution. The Board is requested to adopt a resolution designating October 16-20, 2017, as National School Bus Safety Week, as presented. J. Amendment to Contract of Superintendent. The board is requested to approve the amendment to contract of superintendent, as presented; K. Review and Affirm Policy 2413 – Career Advising. The Board is requested to review and affirm Policy 2413 – Career Advising, as presented; K1. Student Activity Budgets. It is necessary for the board to annually approve the student activity accounts for the buildings. The student activity budgets for the 2017-18 school year are now prepared and ready for the board’s approval, as presented by the treasurer.

Mrs. Scott had questions on the policy revision. Mr. Glismann addressed stating that nothing changed and it is a law that needs to be either updated or approved every two years and affirm that you comfortable with this. Mrs. Scott also had a question wanting to know what the District Career advising plan asking it formally documented. Mr. Glismann said it is not formally documented but a sharing of information being more of a process. There was a question to Mrs. Schock if there was much change in the ESC contract. Mrs. Schock went over the ESC contract saying that it changes based on how many are participating. Currently the ESC contract is for $912,995.51 Mrs. Scott asked what was it last year. Mrs. Schock said she did not have it in front of her but she thought the estimate was $851,000. Mr. Studebaker asked if this was pretty close to the estimate which was confirmed by Mrs. Schock.

Mrs. Scott asked that item J be polled separately. Mr. Lewis agreed. The BOE agreed to accept items G, H, I, K and K1. Item J the Amendment to Contract of Superintendent Mrs. Scott voted no the rest of the board accepted.

The financial reports were discussed and approved by the BOE.

Mr. Lewis then moved on to the Adoption of Consent Calendar – Financial. This covers M. Donations, N. Fund Advances from the general fund of $9,480,196.93. O. Amended Estimated Resources for period ending August 31, 2017 and P. Permanent Appropriations for the period ending August 31, 2017. Mrs. Schock added that a 599 Title 4A was received in the amount of $16,284.42. Mr. Gehret and Mrs. Crew discussed maybe spending this money on speakers to speak to the students on life situations, possibly partnering more with FYI and instruction. BOE voted to accept.

Mr. Lewis brought forward Instructional for vote. Q. Out of State Field Trip – National FFA Convention. Instructor, Todd Vehorn requesting approval to take 12 students and chaperones to the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 25-27 2017. After discussion BOE voted to accept.

Mr. Glismann presented the Superintendent’s Report. He said the new school year is going smoothly and the teachers are doing well. He wanted to publically commend Veronica Cassidy, Angela Greene Andrea Circle, Jenny Riffel and Judy Cox for arranging Tech Day for the teacher in service.

Mrs. Crew presented a handout on the Drinking Water Advisory for the Donnelsville Elementary School System. It was discovered this morning that the well had very little water in and the alarm was going off. The plumber was called. It was believed to be a faulty sensor that caused the problem. A sample was taken to incubate for 24 hours to make sure there are no contaminates in the water. The flyer will be sent home to parents, posted on all doors of the school and posted on the website. Internal precautions have been taken to stop the water from being drunk. EPA and Clark County Combined Health have been contacted. Bottled water has been provided to school.

A Capital outlay committee is being developed by Mrs. Crew and Mrs. Schock by the end of October to discuss potential problems due to the age of the schools. They would like to have several more volunteers from the community. If interested, please contact Mrs. Crew.

There were several issues brought up by the public. There was discussion the about what qualifies a special meeting and regular Board meetings. Mr. Lewis will review the issue. Another Community member congratulated Mrs. Crew on attending the active shooters and on board intruders training for bus drivers given by police officers in Columbus and then presenting this information separately to her bus drivers. More information is included in the Tecumseh E Newsletter. There was further discussion on enrollment aspect which is now computerized. There was concern expressed by two citizens that some people would need a paper means of enrolling for those who are not able to have access to a computer. This was brought to the Board for review.

The next meeting of the Tecumseh Board of Education will be on October 24, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the Arrow Conference Room at the Tecumseh High School.

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