Over the last several months, the Clark County Sheriff's Office has received multiple reports of subjects obtaining and using drugs in the area of Bethel Township. Because of the high number of complaints, Bethel Township, the Clark County Sheriff s Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol decided to team up together to battle this problem.

On the night of June 3, 2016 a team of uniformed and undercover officers were assigned to target this area.

“This was initiated at the Township level” said Bethel Township Trustee Nancy Brown, adding that “we paid for it using the Township's Police Levy Fund in an attempt to increase public safety in our area. The State Patrol cost us nothing, God Bless them for that!”

“This is law enforcement cooperation working for a common good at it’s very best” said Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly.

According to Sheriff Kelly, the operation was under the joint leadership of Sergeant Ronnie Lemen of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Lieutenant Brian Aller of the Springfield Post of the Ohio State Highway patrol. “This is also Township Trustees being responsive to the Community and enlisting help and support to address the complaints.”

During the 8 hour shift this proactive unit made 45 traffic stops, issued 33 citations, made 4 OVI arrest, issued 13 citations for driving under suspension, had 6 drug arrest, recovered one stolen vehicle from Dayton, Ohio and arrested the driver who was a wanted fugitive.

According to the Sergeant's Report, on the last stop of the night former New Carlisle Deputy Bryan Beller arrested Michael Taylor for OVI , Open Container, Child Support Suspension, No OL, and 5-counts of child endangering. Mr. Taylor was driving around with young children in the vehicle.

The report states that Mr. Taylor is presently under investigation for impersonating a Police Officer. "Mr. Taylor stated that he worked for Kettering Police Department and has FOP emblems on his rear license plate. Mr. Taylor also produced an FOP card from 2014.

Deputy Beller had been instructed to follow up with Prosecutor Marc Ross to see if he will accept impersonating a police officer charge on Mr. Taylor.

“This was the first such operation in Bethel Township” said Sheriff Kelly, adding “it will not be the last!”

Traffic Stops: 45 Citations Issued: 33
O.V.I Arrest: 4 Driving Under Suspension: 13
Parking Citations: 0 Abandon Vehicle Tows: 0
Injury Accident: 0 Non-Injury Accident: 0
Criminal Adult Arrest: 5 Criminal Adult Charges: 14
Criminal Juvenile Arrest: 0 Criminal Juvenile Charges: 0
Warrant Arrest: 4 Warrants Filed: 0
Drug Arrest: 6 Stolen vehicles: 1
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