Last Friday evening, Clark County Sheriff Deputies, Ohio Highway Patrol Troopers and the Ohio Investigative Unit were out in force to attack the continuing problem of drugs in the area and intoxicated drivers.

Bethel Township and Law Enforcement Officials are calling this a “Proactive Enforcement Blitz.”

“This was initiated at the Township level” said Bethel Township Trustee Nancy Brown, adding that “we paid for it using the Township's Police Levy Fund in an attempt to increase public safety in our area.”

“This is law enforcement cooperation working for a common good at it’s very best” said Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly.

During a Friday night traffic stop, a 20-year-old had alcohol in his possession that he had just purchased. Talking with the individual, Deputy Beller learned of locations where underage individuals were able to purchase alcohol.

The individual agreed to cooperate with detectives, and completed underage purchases of alcohol at two stores. Arrests were made at Pizza Plus Drive-Thru in New Carlisle and J&R Drive-Thru in Park Layne.

Seven deputies and three troopers were involved in the operation.

Traffic Stops: 64 Citations Issued: 36
O.V.I Arrest: 3 Driving Under Suspension: 11
Parking Citations: 0 Abandon Vehicle Tows: 0
Injury Accident: 0 Non-Injury Accident: 0
Criminal Adult Arrest: 13 Criminal Adult Charges: 14
Criminal Juvenile Arrest: 0 Criminal Juvenile Charges: 0
Warrant Arrest: 7 Warrants Filed: 2
Drug Arrest: 4 Stolen vehicles: 0
Deputy Bryan Beller initiated 11 traffic stops, made two arrests in reference to businesses selling alcohol to minors, issued two warrants for impersonating a police officer and falsification, arrested two individuals on outstanding warrants. Overall, Beller issued two OVI citations, 5 DUS, 5 no operator’s license, 1 prohibition and 1 open container.

Deputy Alan Cox issued three citations, one each for speed, driving under suspension and no operator’s license.

Sgt. Ronnie Lemen initiated 7 traffic stops and issued 3 citations for speed, 1 for expired plates and one for seat belt.

Deputy Mark Lane initiated six traffic stops, issued three warnings and one citation for speed, one for no front plate and one for expired plates. He was also a member of the warrant team. They served twelve warrants and made two warrant arrests.

Deputy James Evans initiated eight traffic stops and issued one citation for speed, one for seat belt, one for muffler required, one for loud exhaust and two for no front plate.

Deputy Johnny Lemen initiated four traffic stops and issued one citation for a turn signal violation.

Trooper McCloud initiated 17 traffic stops and issued three citations for seat belt and two for speed. He also made a felony drug arrest charging two counts of felony possession of drugs, one count of misdemeanor drugs and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Trooper Slanker issued one DUS citation and two miscellaneous traffic citations in six traffic stops. He also had to leave the area for a short time to take care of a serious multiple vehicle accident on Dayton Rd.

Trooper Estle initiated several traffic stops and made one OVI arrest.
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