Troopers from the Ohio Highway State Patrol conduct an OVI checkpoint along SR 235. Seth Gecko | Photo

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the Ohio State Patrol and the Ohio Investigative Unit worked together the evening of June 10, 2016 as part of the Proactive Enforcement Blitz in Bethel Township. The plan was to combat identified problem areas in an effort to reduce the number of individuals on the street who may have been involved in violations.

During the night of enforcement, there were 64 traffic stops which lead to 36 citations and 11 individuals found to be driving under suspension. There were also 3 OVI violations. Trustee Nancy Brown noted that the extra policing was contracted because the trustee board members “hope to calm everything down”.

The night also yielded 13 adult arrests and 14 adult criminal charges being filed. One of the goals was to make the community safer according to Bethel Township Trustee Don Minton. Minton stated that he was “very pleased with the results” and that the extra help for Deputy Cox was appreciated.

With four drug arrests and seven warrant arrests, Minton described his appreciation by stating his desire to “make it safe for the children”. Minton the father of two noted that the safety of all citizens in the community, but keeping drugs off the streets is very important for the children.

As part of the effort to remove drugs from the streets of the community, Deputy Bryan Beller was assigned to the project in a marked traffic unit. He made 11 traffic stops during the 8 hours of his shift. He netted two arrests for selling alcohol to minors. He also issued two warrants for Michael Taylor for impersonating a Police Officer and Falsification. The warrants were approved by the Clark County Municipal Court and the Prosecutors Office after the case was reviewed along with video.

Beller also arrested Thomas Martz who failed to appear on an OVI warrant out of Xenia Municipal Court. Also arrested by Beller was Justin Jackson who was found to have felony warrants in Clark and Miami Counties for Receiving Stolen Property. Jackson was also charged with Falsification, Resisting Arrest, I. D. Fraud, Possession of Drugs, Obstructing Official Business and Obstructing Justice based on his encounter with the deputy.

Troopers from OSP also had a very busy night. Trooper McCloud was responsible for a traffic stop that located several types of pills and marijuana. He also made a felony drug arrest charging two individuals with Possession of Drugs in addition to one misdemeanor drug arrest and one possession of drug paraphernalia.

During an underage alcohol sting, the team received information that several businesses were selling alcohol to underage persons. The information came during a traffic stop. The information provide lead to the arrest of Sara Hawes for selling to an underage person at Pizza Plus Drive-Thru in New Carlisle.

Christopher Landsiedel was arrested for also selling to underage person at the J & R Drive-Thru in Park Layne. Charges against the individuals are being handled by the Clark County Sheriff while charges against the business are being handled by the Ohio Investigative Unit and Agent Stanton.

All of the law enforcement officers involved in the Proactive Enforcement Blitz were successful in making a number of stops and removing individuals from the streets or issuing citations.

The activity “was well worth the extra hours” said Minton. He also commended the law enforcement agencies for coming together to work in Bethel Township this month.

Brown noted that she did see a difference this past weekend in the number of loud vehicles and other typical activities in the community. Trustees will continue to use available policing funds to cover extra traffic duty and additional Proactive Enforcement Blitz events throughout the summer months. The enforcement activities will be scheduled randomly.

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