The Bethel Township Trustees of Clark County met on March 14 and discussed several important upcoming events for the Township.

One event in particular is the upcoming Good Shepherd Community Dinner, which is to be held at the Lion’s Den on March 23 from 6:00 pm to 7:30pm.

Another such event is the Township’s Emergency Preparedness Open House. This event is scheduled for Saturday, April 1 and will take place at the Lion’s Den at Styer Park. The hours are from 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Included in this Open House are things such as what a 72-hour kit is and how to make one. The new township deputy will be in attendance for all to see and meet. The Bethel Firefighters Association will be providing a lunch for all those in attendance.

The Trustees allowed the transfer of Liquor License from the Rock Den Tavern to the Cattle Zone Restaurant & Bar, located 6001 Lower Valley Pike.

Fire Chief Jacob King, in a follow up about the investigation of Steven Schaefer, told the Trustees that Schaefer had put in his resignation before King could finish his investigation. The resignation is effective immediately, and King wanted to thank Schaefer for his service to those in the area.

King then announced that the striping company ‘Yipes Stripes’ had bid to stripe the new Medic unit for less than $5,000. This would include sending Chief King the designs that would fit into the budget as well as striping the unit when the designs are approved.

Chief King reported that of the 71 calls to the Fire Department since the beginning of March, 52 of those calls were EMS related, and 19 were fire related. The total number of calls for the year thus far is 404, which is still up from last years’ total.

Next week the Trustees will be doing a Ride the Roads day with Clark County Engineers to asses which roads will be needing paving in the coming year. They plan to use this cooperation in order to be better prepared for the upcoming construction season. The day planned is Tuesday March 21.

Deputy Nick Andersen and Chief King brought to the Trustees the question of whether or not there were regulations concerning parties of great magnitude, suggesting that the number of participants were larger than 50. The Trustees agreed that they would look into seeing if there were any such regulations, but gave no answer at the meeting.

The Trustees adjourned the meeting with high hopes for the coming weeks as they continue to serve the people of Bethel Township in their respective capacities.

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