Lieutenant Carter Schumann & Fire Chief Jacob King

Fireman Carter Schumann was promoted to Lieutenant at the Bethel Township Trustees meeting last Tuesday, March 28. Schumann also volunteers for the Vandalia Fire Department and has a family history of service in the Fire and Rescue departments. Chief King spoke highly of Schumann, stating that “he hoped that [Carter] would listen to the advice of his father to help him succeed.”

King also told that the runs-to-date totals for this year are up to 501, which is up from last year. Of those runs, 167 have been made in the last two weeks alone.

In 2004, the Fire Department averaged about 1350 calls a year. Presently, the department is averaging around 2100 calls annually. The annual average for Fire/EMS calls for Bethel Township has been over 2000 since the year 2009, Chief King reported.

The Township will be reinstating the brush pick up schedule for 2017, set to begin in April and run through October of this year. Citizens will need to call the township office at least one week prior to the beginning of the next month in order to have a pick-up scheduled. The township office phone number is 937-849-9499.

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