Last Tuesday, the Bethel trustees discussed the renewal of the township’s energy supplier contract. Capital Energy was suggested for the renewal. Energy prices are projected to drops substantially in the years to come, and so the pending drop in prices offers a variety of options to the Bethel administration. Looked at most favorably was a two-year energy contract in order for the Bethel township to allow time for renegotiation with energy suppliers after time has allowed for prices to lower even further. A motion was passed by the trustees to move forward with Capital Energy in order to provide electric energy for a period of 24 months.

The motion was finally passed by the trustees to attach the 2-mill fire levy onto the November Ballot. After several weeks of consideration, it was determined by the trustees that the potential of losing up to one point in Bethel’s fire department rating would, according to local inquiries to insurance agencies, result in rate increases up to $50 per household for Bethel residents.

Beth Freeman of the New Carlisle Public Library came to the Bethel trustee meeting to continue her request to the Clark County townships. The library needs more state funding for the library due to the per capita basis by which the library is currently funded. However, the per capita formula by which the New Carlisle Library is funded centers on population and the square footage of the library. With excessive membership of over 12,000 card-holders, the Library’s use is extending beyond the residents of New Carlisle and into the township. Mrs. Freeman is currently addressing each of the county townships in an effort to garner support for raising the county funding towards the New Carlisle library.

Currently, the New Carlisle library opens only five days a week. It is closed Sunday and Monday, and on Thursdays only opens after 12:00 pm. The library is separate from the Clark County library association, and so receives state funding independent of the county’s public library funding. The trustees passed a motion to write a letter of support to the support to the county for further funding the New Carlisle Public Library.

The trustees moved to pay “Reliable Transmission” for a replacement transmission in the amount of $13,500 for a Bethel Fire Tanker. The department was also approved a payment of $2,796 on the radio maintenance contract with P&R Communications. The trustees also wished to welcome the return of fireman Jen Cotterman and Chris Cotterman back to the department.

Other news from the Bethel fire department revealed that, as of July, were 90 EMS runs, 48 fire runs and a year-to-date total of 1,219 runs made by the Bethel fire and EMS departments.

The trustees’ special work session will take place on Tuesday, August 1st at 4:30 p.m. The next trustee meeting will take place on the following Tuesday, August 8th.

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