Bethel Township Fiscal Officer Melanie M. Dunbar

Bethel Township Fiscal Officer Melanie (Cochran) Dunbar announced that she has accepted another job at tonight's meeting of the Bethel Township Trustees.

Dunbar has agreed to remain in her position until the Trustees fill her position.

“The Trustees are really happy for her, as this is what she wants to do and will be a great advancement for her, but we will miss her at the Township both personally and professionally.” said Bethel Township Trustee Nancy Brown.

Bethel Township Fire Chief was repeatedly giving a “thumbs down” throughout the meeting.

“We are such a cohesive group, this is going to be hard” said Brown, “how do I replace someone who is irreplaceable?”

Dunbar has served as Township Fiscal Officer, an elected position, for 14 years.

The New Carlisle News will have a detailed article on Dunbar's tenure as Fiscal Officer in the January 17 edition.

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