Before 1950 the areas of Medway and Crystal Lakes was protected by the Bethel Township Fire Department, which was located in New Carlisle. Due to the distance and the winter weather conditions sometimes it was too late before they arrived to fight a fire. So in 1949, with the joint efforts of the Crystal Lake Property Owners Association and the AmVets, a 1930 open cab Reo truck was purchased. It was only used in some practice runs manned mostly by Amvets. In 1950, the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Firemen Association was organized and officers were elected. The truck was temporarily sheltered in Chief John Kuhn’s garage. A Ladies Auxiliary was organized and along with the firemen began moneymaking projects to earn money for equipment and a future firehouse.

 In 1951 the first bylaws were written and accepted. The department was incorporated as the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Firemen’s Association. For the Crystal Lakes Fire Department, in April of 1951, the incorporating officers were James W. Beam, president of the fireman’s association; Osborn R. Chalkers, vice president: M. A. Moeller and Kenneth Sines. Four lots were purchased at the corner of Beach Drive and Grove Road in Crystal Lakes for a firehouse. Upon the resignation of Chief Joe Kuhns, Asst. Chief Kenny Sines was promoted to Chief. Bill Ryan was elected as Assistant Chief. Thru the volunteer efforts of firemen and local men, the building of the firehouse was started and completed. It was 33’ x 33’ and cost approximately $8500. They held their first carnival in 1951 to raise money, which became an annual event.

 Through the years additional equipment was purchased. A new pumper and tanker were purchased in 1952. Seeing the need for more room for expansion two additional lots were purchased. A tower of approximately 40-feet was erected beside the firehouse and the siren was moved from the Sleppy Building across the road to the tower. In 1957 plans were made for the 30’ x 60’ addition to the firehouse. Which gave them enough space to house all their trucks and space for an future tanker with plenty of space for a meeting room without having to move the trucks outdoors each time.

 In January 1971, Bethel Township assumed complete financial responsibility of both the Donnelsville and the Crystal Lake-Medway Fire Departments. The Township’s first major doing was to purchase land on Gerlaugh Road adjacent to Styer Park to build a new fire department building. The property in Crystal Lakes had no more space to add on. Another reason for the department’s relocation is to be more centralized in the area it covers. Park Layne is the most densely populated area and now can be reach more sufficiently. The population of the Township was growing and so was the demand for their services. So more equipment was needed. The new fire station was built and had their open house and

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