Donnelsville Post Office 1911 2This Joseph B. Trumbo store was located on the southeast corner of Main Street and Hampton Road in Donnelsville. The store was previously owned by Thomas J. Snyder, Lawrence Dipple, and later John H. Bracht. Joseph B. Trumbo occupied a large two-story brick building on the northwest corner of the same intersection where he ran another store and the post office. On Wednesday, February 15, 1899, the town of Donnelsville was awakened by the yells of “Fire! Fire!” as J. B. Trumbo’s store was on in flames. His entire stock of general merchandise, many valuable law books, and the entire belongings of the post office was destroyed. J. H. Bracht who was running the other store was ready to retire so he sold his business, grocery store, and fixtures to Mr. Trumbo so he could continue in business in Donnelsville. He also rebuilt the post office at the new location and it continued to run it through 1919. This building was torn down in 1954.

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