The 4-H Club has been active in the Medway area for many years. Back in 1954 one group got the chance to attend the State 4-H Club Congress held at Ohio Union in Columbus. Mrs. Virginia Lawler, of Medway, and eight members of her group went to the Dayton airport where they got a tour of the airport. From there they flew to Columbus and met with A. B. Graham, founder of the 4-H Club, at the Archeological Building on campus. There the group had several photos taken with Mr. Graham. After spending all day in Columbus the group returned home. A few rode back with Mrs. Lawler’s husband who had been working in Columbus that day and the rest rode on a bus with their leader. Mrs. Lawler wrote a thank you note to A. B. Graham afterwards.

The club founder responded with a letter dated September 17, 1954, “Dear Mrs. Lawler; I want to thank you for the nice letter you sent me several days ago. It was a great pleasure to be with you and your 4-H Club boys. Today I received prints from exposures made that day. The two that were all right are enclosed. It was a great pleasure to attend two of the evening sessions at the State 4-H Club Congress last week at Ohio Union. One session was for about 210 leaders of clubs for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. There were 700 representative club members. Over 950 for one evening meal was given by the Ohio Implement Company and Ford Tractor interests. This is the fourth such occasion for them. Some bill for good will but it is worth it. Very Sincerely, A. B. Graham.”

Another letter was received later from Mr. Graham. It said, “Mrs. Virginia Lawler, I came across the two negatives enclosed today and though that I should send them to you. They are for the prints I mailed you. May I tell you that the County Superintendent of Schools in my native county, Champaign, wrote me some time ago that three townships have united to form one district both for elementary and high school named for me. I taught my first school in one of these townships, Johnson, where I was born and taught at the Township High School four years in one before going to Springfield Township, Clark County. What the new board did is appreciated very much particularly so because they are home folks. Enough of that. Very sincerely, A. B. Graham.

Members of the club in attendance was remembered by Mrs. Lawler included her son Robert Lawler, three Weidner boys and the husband of their sister, two of Dr. R. Vogt’s sons who were also in Boy Scouts and another boy who was in scouts. Seven of them were from Medway.

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