The Bethel Township community came together at Tecumseh High School Monday evening for “Pray Collin Strong” and raised $19,000 for Collin Griffin and his family to help offset his mounting medical bills and travel expenses. The crowd was estimated in excess of 2,000.

Griffin, a student at Tecumseh Middle School, has been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.

The evening featured games, a push-up challenge, a field goal challenge, food and Collin merchandise and all of the proceeds went to the family.

“Wade O’Connor had the idea,” said Jacob Berner. “He came to us and we decided to form a committee to make this happen.”

“When you see kids hurting, you have to be bold,” said O’Connor. “Kids are supposed to bury us, not the other way around.”

“Thank you, guys,” said Robert Griffin, Collin’s dad. “It means so much that you came here.”

Griffin said that they moved out of the area, but Collin said “I’m not going to another school.” And he didn’t.

“This is why,” said Griffin.

Erin Griffin, Collin’s mother was “astonished” with the amount of support. “We are blessed to be in this community,” she said.

Berner said that he went to Collin’s home to make a video to promote Monday’s event, “and Collin ministered to me,” said Berner. “He told me you have to be strong.”

And strong he was. Colllin could be seen roaming through the crowd talking with friends and anyone who approached him.

Everyone at the event gathered in the middle of the football field to pray over Collin, his family and anyone who has had or does have cancer.

“We’re surrounded by the Love of God,” said Berner. “He has made Himself known here tonight.”

After the prayer was the launch of hundreds of balloons.

“This was a great turnout,” said Collin. “I can never thank the community enough.”

You can keep up with events on their Facebook page. Search for #CollinStrong

If you wish to help financially, Collin’s brother has set up a GoFundMe account. Search for “#CollinStrong by Austin Diller.”

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