Deputy Beller and Detective Buxton smile at the results of a marijuana field test kit after they tested a pan of fudge found in a home on Lower Valley Pike Monday morning while executing a search warrant.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant Monday morning at 10846 Lower Valley Pike in Bethel Township.

Tyler Neitzel, 21 of Medway, has been charged with Trafficking in Drugs, Illegal Manufacturing Of Drugs and Drug Abuse.  The charges were bumped up to felonies due to firearms located within the residence. Jason Neitzel, 48 of the same address, has a warrant issued for his arrest.

Court records state that Neitzel had “equipment and supplies needed to manufacture dabs and dabs in every stage of production.” Deputies found 157 grams of dabs packaged for sale with four firearms accessible in the residence.

A dab refers to a dose of THC concentrate that is heated on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then inhaled through a dab rig. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms states that when done wrong, the process of manufacturing dabs can cause a fireball or flash fire that blows out windows and doors.

The Sheriff’s Office received numerous complaints from area residents and began to watch the house. On July 4, Deputies Joe Johnson and Brian Beller witnessed a male enter the residence and stay for approximately 10 minutes. Upon leaving, the male committed a lane violation and was stopped by the Deputies. The male was found to have marijuana in his possession.

Using information from that stop, Deputies were able to make a controlled buy. Deputies used this information, along with information from the community, in order to obtain a search warrant.

According to Chief Deputy Travis Russell, Deputies seized “two rifles, a handgun, a revolver, numerous cell phones, a large amount of drug paraphernalia, marijuana and evidence of the manufacture of drugs.”

Tyler Neitzel pleaded not guilty in Clark County Municipal court Tuesday morning and was assigned a public defender.

Major Allen Cox notes that the surveillance and traffic stop were conducted using funds from Bethel Township's Police Levy, otherwise known in the department as “Bethel Time.”

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