Capturing an exceptional photograph is all about perspective. A new angle or a bit of different lighting can make an ordinary object look extraordinary. Medway resident Bob Moore knows a thing or two about the importance of seeing things from new and exciting perspectives, which is why he recently opened Sky High Imaging, LLC.

Sky High Imaging, LLC utilizes state-of-the-art Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) to capture aerial images and offer clients an opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind photos and video of almost anything that can be seen from the air.

Moore says although his small business is in its infancy, his aerial images and videos have already been used by real estate agents to offer potential buyers a bird’s eye view of listed properties. He also explains how, in addition to real estate marketing, his images can be used for things such as estate photos, government contractual support and agricultural assessments. Moore is also excited to offer live-stream video for weddings and other outdoor events, giving clients a truly unique point-of-view of the special day.

Eventually, Moore wants to expand Sky High Imaging to assist in search and rescue operations in addition to the commercial work he is currently doing.

Moore and his wife, Jodi, work together on project ideas and in the everyday operations of Sky High Imaging, LLC. The couple also grew up locally, graduated from Tecumseh H.S., and are very familiar with the New Carlisle area, which is helpful when one is capturing images from the air.

A lifetime interest in aviation helped lead Moore to his interest in drones, but it was Jodi who sparked his interest in using drones for photography. An Army veteran, Moore has worked in the aviation industry for over 14 years and currently works full-time flying a Learjet for a medical transport company in Columbus. He holds a commercial multi-engine pilot certificate, as well as a remote pilot certificate with a small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) endorsement.

The mountain of FAA paperwork has been the most challenging aspect of opening Sky High Imaging, LLC., “I knew that If I was going to do this [open a business], I was going to do it the right way. It took a long time, but I’m proud that I’m finally open for business and I did everything legally,” explains Moore.

So far, besides flying the drones, Moore says he enjoys “the process” of completing each project. From capturing the images or video to the editing and rendering of the final product, Moore finds all of it interesting. He also believes it is that interest and his attention to detail that helps set his product apart from other aerial photographers.

“I like doing the work and I want my clients to feel comfortable knowing I will spend a lot of individual attention on their project,” explains Moore, “Because every project is important and deserves to be done in the best way I can possibly do it.”

For more information about Sky High Imaging, LLC visit the business’ webpage at or call 937-543-8374.

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