With sunshine and cooler air, the Clark County Fair came to a close last Friday. Higher than expected attendance was a welcome sight, no doubt due to lower admission and free parking this year.

After silence penetrates the cattle barns; after the dust settles on the midway; after voices stop echoing in the show arena; after exhibit cases are cleaned out and ribbons picked up, we’re left with some good memories, lots of wonderful photographs and a big handful of winning recipes. Beginning with Sunday, while Abe Lincoln held court in the Mercantile building, the strolling Banjo man could be heard across the wind. Pork Chop Review was held in the evening and was visited by many before they had their Shark Encounter on the midway. From noon onward, Chainsaw artist, Mark Colp put on a show worth stopping to see. Huge logs were reduced by Mark and his coworker, Jason Stoner, into all manner of likeable and fun statues. Those guys from Bear Hollow Wood Carvers really know how to get the most out of a piece of tree. This year they also had red cedar to work with, the pieces having a marvelous red stained look.

Sunday also saw the Junior Fair Dressage & Jumping Horse Show, Alpaca/Llama Show, Lower Level Obedience Dog Show, Lamb Cook-off, Horse Groom & Clean contest, Kiddie Tractor Pull and a Demolition Derby. While some preferred watching cars go round and round, others preferred the Dish of the Day contests in the Arts and Crafts building.

Results for those two contests are as follows:

Woeber Product Dish—1st place-Kara Francis-Sweet & Spicy Pretzel Dip

2nd place—Deborah Holland-Vidalia Onion Swiss Dip

3rd place—Jill Pierce-Sweet& Savory Cranberry Horseradish Dip

4th place—Becky Bishop-Bacon Horseradish Deviled Eggs

5th place—Melissa Rousp-Sweet & Spicy Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Cheese Dish—1st place—Angela Yake-Cheesy Chicken Dip

2nd place—Deborah Holland-Baked Elbow Macaroni

3rd place—Kara Francis- Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese

4th place—Jill Pierce- Yummy Pimento Cheese Spread

5th place—Karen Pruett-Aged Cheddar & Beer Cheese Dip

Monday was Junior Fair Dairy, Pygmy, Cart Goat Show, Lamb Show, Rabbit Royalty Contest and Drag Racing. A quiet time ensued in the Dish of the Day contests as pork and the unexpected ingredient contests were judged.

Pork Dish—1st place—Kara Francis-Teriyaki Ribs

2nd place—Deborah Holland-Sausage Hash Brown Bake

3rd place—Karen Pruett-Pork Shoulder Butt

4th place—Loretta Lewis-Sausage Balls

5th place—Angela Yake-Apple Cherry BBQ Ribs

It is to be noted that this contest winnings have been increased to $75./$50./$35./$25./$15.

A Taste of Unexpected—1st. place—Becky Bishop-Chocolate Beet Cake

2nd place—Adeline Mattachione-Lemon Popcorn

3rd place—Loretta Lewis-Green Tomato Cupcakes

4th place—Connie Moore-BBQ Brownies

5th place—Jennifer Wendling-Avocado Brownies

Tuesday is always a jam-packed day at the fair. Besides all the animal shows and judging for 4-H there is the Golden Wedding Anniversary Luncheon for all couples in Clark County who have been married 50 or more years. A big event each year is the PIE DAY contest and auction. Bakers vie for bragging rights with their lard-crust pies. Then, pies are auctioned off and proceeds go for Arts & Crafts building improvements.

Pie Day Contest---1st place-Connie Moore-Pecan

2nd place-Mary Ann Wells-Cherry

3rd place-Mary Severs-Double crust Apple

4th place- Hazel Miller-Double crust Apple

This year’s auction brought an unofficial total of $2485. Highest bids for pies were $400. and two $200. Eighteen pies were entered.

Evening contests included the following:

Raspberry Dish—1st place-Becky Bishop-Raspberry Swirled Sweet Rolls

2nd place-Robin Barnhart-Raspberry Cloud

3rd place-Gay Minnet-Peach Raspberry Cobbler

4th place-Adeline Mattachione-Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff

5th place-Jennifer Wendling-Raspberry Clafoutis

Poultry Dish—1st place-Kara Francis-Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken

2nd place-Dee Pharrish-Chicken Salad

3rd place-Jennifer Wendling-Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki Boats

4th place -Esther Houseman-Stuffed Chicken Salad

5th place-Becky Bishop-Shredded Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday is Kids Day. There are kid’s games, activities in many departments and Junior Fair Dog Costume contest, Silly Pet Tricks and Doggy Maze contest. Inside finds desserts and hors’d’oeurves under consideration.

Dessert Dish—1st place-Heather Myers-Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

2nd place-Elisa Hensley-Sopaipillas Cupcakes

3rd place-Connie Moore-Oatmeal/Pecan Picnic Cake

4th place -Jennifer Wendling- Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

5th place-Kara Francis-Fresh Strawberry Cake

Hors’ d’oeuvres Dish—1st place-Mary Ann Wells-Vegetable Egg Rolls w/Sweet Chili sauce

2nd place-Deborah Holland-Stuffed Baked Potatoes

3rd place-Jennifer Wendling-Mini Cheeseball Bites

4th place-Kara Francis-Jalapeño Bacon Deviled Eggs

5th place-Adeline Mattachione-Bruschetta

Thursday is another big day. Rain or shine finds Junior Fair Horse fun show, Beef Show, Market Goat show, Goat fun show along with the Homemaker Style Show and Master Gardener Pick of the Garden Bouquet contest. Junior Fair 4-H auction and Chainsaw Wood Carving auction bring in lots of fairgoers to the Arts and Crafts building. Many stay for the cooking contests.

Beef Dish- 1st place-Becky Bishop-Mom’s Meatloaf

2nd place-Mary Ann Wells-Hamburger in Tomato Sauce

3rd place-Gay Minette-Shredded Beef Sandwiches

4th place-Deborah Holland-2-Meat Manicotti

Friday is the Champion Showcase and Junior Livestock Auction which always brings in a big crowd. Always popular Pig and Calf Scrambles are the big kid events. Adults often choose to spend a quiet last fair evening in the cooking contests area.

Soup Dish-1st place-Elissa Hensley-(Like Olive Garden) Chicken & Gnocchi Soup

2nd place-Loretta Lewis (dish name not available)

3rd place-Kara Francis-Ham & Bean Soup

4th place-Deborah Holland (dish name not available)

Contest sponsored by Scott Greene with Elliott Insurance.

Chocolate Dish-1st place-Becky Bishop-Mini Triple Chocolate Cheesecakes

2nd place-Kara Francis (dish name not available)

3rd place-Ellen Robinson (dish name not available)

4th place-Adeline Mattachione-Italian Pound Cake

5th place-Connie Moore-Chocolate Red Raspberry Blitztorte

Look for first place recipes in next week’s At Home Column by Connie Moore.

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