Kamryn & Colston Heck run the newly laid track at New Carlisle Elementary

The Tecumseh Elementary PTO is in the business of making dreams come true in Tecumseh’s schools. When New Carlisle Elementary Principal, Kathryn Randenberg, and Physical Education teacher, Chasity Russell, shared their dream of building a new one-quarter mile walking track at New Carlisle Elementary School, the PTO decided to investigate making the project a reality.

“This is one of the most expensive projects the PTO has ever taken on,” says PTO member, Amy McMahan, “But the idea of building a walking track the whole community could benefit from really interested the PTO.”

The track project was so ambitious, the group found the cost exceeded their budget. Enter local businessman, Jerry McMahan.

McMahan’s family has lived in the Medway area for decades and has deep roots in the local schools. McMahan’s children and grandchildren have graduated, or are attending, Tecumseh schools.

Amy reached out to Jerry about using the paving equipment owned by their family business, McMahan’s Mobile Homes, to help cut costs for the PTO. McMahan agreed to help close the gap in the track project’s funding.

“After everyone talked, the PTO found it would only have to pay for the labor and materials, McMahan’s Mobile Homes took care of everything else related to the actual building of the track,” explains Amy, “It was a huge help! The PTO was able to stay within its budget, and we still made our goal of getting the track built before school starts.”

In the end, the PTO only had to contribute $7,500 towards the $10,000 track project; McMahan’s contributions closed the $2,500 gap in funding.

“The new track is another way to encourage kids to get active,” comments Amy, “and the Phys. Ed. teacher is really looking forward to using it for the students...(The PTO) is just so grateful and excited about being able to provide the new track; it opens up all kinds of possibilities for both our kids and the community!”

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