The New Carlisle News has confirmed with the Human Resources Officer for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office that Deputy Jacob Shaw has returned to active duty as of late last week.  According to the Sheriff’s staff, Shaw is currently assigned to work in the jail.  The City of New Carlisle, where the officer involved shooting of New Carlisle News photographer Andy Grimm took place, currently has a full staff of four road patrol deputies.

In regards to reports that Shaw was seen working at a football game on Friday, October 20, 2017, the HR department confirmed that when an officer is on administrative leave, they cannot perform extra duty, however once Shaw passed the necessary reviews for a return to work, he is permitted to accept extra duty assignments the same as any other member of the department. Those reviews were allegedly conducted by the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Jill Del Greco from Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office, the investigation into the shooting is still ongoing.  She explained that the investigation does not prohibit Shaw from returning to work, and the decision is with the chief law enforcement officer when it relates to an officer involved shooting. 

The next steps for the process of investigating the shooting will come from a Special Prosecutor at the Attorney General’s Office.  Clark County Prosecutor Andy Wilson requested that the Attorney General handle the case.  Once the investigation is concluded, the report will be turned over to the Special Prosecutor and it will most likely be handed over to a Grand Jury in Clark County.  Because Grand Jury dates are kept secret, the public will not be notified until after they have met. 

Each case is handled differently according to Del Greco who could not comment on how much longer the investigation will be ongoing and when the Special Prosecutor will receive the findings.  Grimm had all of his photo equipment taken into evidence at the time of the shooting and will not be able to have it returned until the case is closed.

We asked Grimm how he is doing with his recovery since the shooting.  “Physically I am much better” he said, but reports that “emotionally I am hanging in there”.  During his recovery, Grimm has tried to stay active with his photography using replacement equipment.  “I was limited to about 20 minutes for a session” reported Grimm of his return to the one thing that has made his recovery easier.  Today he is getting stronger and able to participate in more photo sessions.  He noted that when he goes to a scene with law enforcement he is welcomed by all members of the various departments. 

Grimm would like to thank the members of the community where he works for their support during his recovery.  He noted that the people of Bethel Township have been especially supportive of him and his family since the shooting and it has made it easier for all of them.  He has also received support from varioius national agencies as he makes his way back to full time on the job for the New Carlisle News. “B&H Photo in New York, Midwest Photo Exchange in Columbus, Cannon Professional Services and another agency that asked not to be named have helped me return to photography! I am blessed by their generosity.”

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