A Clark County Deputy fired four shots at a dog in Crystal Lakes Tuesday evening during a traffic stop. The dog succumbed to his injuries.

According to the Sheriff’s department, Deputy Bryan Beller saw a vehicle on Gerlaugh Rd. towing a trailer with no lights. The deputy got tied up in traffic and finally caught up with the vehicle on Beach Rd. The driver of the vehicle continued on Beach to Kennedy and pulled into a yard in the 200 block. Michael Seals, a passenger in the vehicle, ran from the scene and the deputy started to chase him on foot.

As the deputy approached a house, a dog ran out of the front door and began growling at the deputy in an aggressive manner. The deputy yelled at the resident to get the dog several times, but no one responded.

The deputy then fired four rounds at the dog in an attempt to stop the attack.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian, but did not survive the night.

A woman on the scene was visibly upset with the deputies. "Is that what you guys do, go around shooting peoples' dogs," she screamed in a profanity-laced tirade. “What am I going to tell my 6-year-old now?”

An unidentified man on the scene said that he was holding the dog when it was shot. “The deputy told me to control the dog or he would shoot him, and he just shot him,” the man said.

There was a lawn mower on the trailer, and both were possibly stolen in Dayton, according to the Sheriff report.

The Sheriff’s Department reports that Seals has active warrants from Fairborn.

The driver of the vehicle, Aaron Pike, was cited for a tail light violation. Warrants were filed for Seals for failure to comply, obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

The incident remains under investigation by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. We are told that the Deputy's body cam footage will be released tomorrow.

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