Clark County Jail Mugshot of Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson was arrested Tuesday afternoon for OVI while riding his bicycle.

According to court records, a deputy was called to Richie’s Sunoco after Johnson was reported to be talking vulgar with the clerk. The clerk said she asked him to leave several times, but he kept stumbling around the store.

When Johnson finally left, she locked the doors and hit the panic alarm.

Johnson was found by Deputy Beller riding away from Richie’s, and met with him on Copey’s parking lot.

The deputy tried to talk to Johnson, but he kept “jabbering” that he wasn’t doing anything while he was drinking a can of beer.

Johnson was advised that he cannot drink alcohol in public, and he took a drink from his can.

He had bloodshot eyes and slurred his words. When the deputy took his beer, he became agitated. The deputy again explained that he cannot drink in public, and Johnson leaned into his face, grit his teeth and started being antagonistic toward the deputy.

He was placed under arrest for OVI and open container.

On the way to the jail, Johnson allegedly spit all over the cruiser, continued to berate the deputy and said that he wished both had bullets in their heads.

Once at the jail, he was defiant and uncooperative with the staff. He would not answer when asked if he would take a test, and only said he wanted to fight the deputy.

Johnson is reported to have told the deputy that he didn’t care if he went to jail because Judge Moody loves him and would let him out in the morning.

Johnson plead guilty in Clark County Municipal Court Wednesday morning and is currently booked in the Clark County Jail.

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