A man was seriously injured in a one-vehicle crash Thursday evening on Walnut Rd. in Crystal Lakes.

Initial reports indicate that the driver took the turn from Park Rd. to Walnut Rd. too fast, may have lost control and drove under a parked semi trailer.

Neighbors who gathered at the scene recognized the truck as that of a Walnut Rd. resident.

“I heard a crash, then heard a horn. I looked outside, then called 911,” said a neighbor.

“He said he just got his truck back from the shop,” said one resident who did not wish to be identified. “I think he was under an OVI suspension. He loves his Bud Light.”

Bethel Township and New Carlisle Firefighters worked for about 45 minutes trying to extricate the driver. They had to raise the trailer to relieve some of the pressure so they could winch the pickup from under the trailer.

“His face was up against the trailer,” said a witness close to the scene.

We have reason to believe the driver was intoxicated. A 12-pack of beer had fallen out of the passenger door.

The driver was transported by Bethel Twp. Squad.

The crash remains under investigation by the Ohio State Patrol.

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