DSC 0021Ball drop festivities press on despite bitter cold.

2015 arrived in style in downtown New Carlisle as the Heritage of Flight Committee delivered its fifth year of the midnight ball-drop—one of the city’s favorite hometown events.  Committee President Mike Lowrey said the temperatures that slipped down into the teens on Wednesday night seemed to thin the crowd, but added that everyone who braved the chill had a wonderful time ringing in the new year.

Lowrey said the event featured a live cake auction with four cakes donated by New Carlisle’s Cake Creations.  He said some of the cakes went for $60 and $80 apiece.  “The crowd  really got into it,” Lowrey said of the cake auction.

Rock On Ice, the Columbus-based ice sculptures returned this year, likely the only ones enjoying the cold as they carved out children’s names in bricks of ice.

Lowrey said this year’s ball drop celebration was “one of the hardest events the Heritage of Flight Committee has had to put on—because of the cold.”  He noted that although numbers were down this year, he still considered it to be a “good turnout” for the New Year’s celebration.

No surprise from the city with the word “New” in its name.  I wonder whatever happened to Old Carlisle, anyway.
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