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Life Is Like An Amusement Park PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 12 March 2010 22:24

I feel like people are just life what an amusement park has to offer. There are thrill seekers, and then there are those who life to walk through and take in what they see.

There is the individual that is there for the most scary rides. They like the ones that take them on dips and turns that take their breath away. They life the feeling they get when they feel like they are on the edge of the track barely hanging on. They enjoy the dark tunnels that give them an unexpected finish. These are our risk takers. They like to live on the edge. They really don’t plan their future, they live in the moment.

Then comes the game players. These are the people who like to take the risks of winning that prize. They spend money after money to get the prize that might have only cost two dollars, but it is the winning that is important. They like to prove themselves. They need that recognition more than they need the prize. It is that sense of accomplishment.

On the flip side of the thrill takers, is the ones who life the slow rides, or better yet the rides that are safe. They just don’t feel safe on the fast tracks. They like to be in control, and like the ones that go around and around. They like things to be consistant and in control.

And finally there are the ones that just go for the food, and the atmosphere. They like to go for the fun food they don’t

eat normally. It gives them a reason to go off the diet, and enjoy some of life’s pleasures. They enjoy being around people. They love to be a part of what is going on through people watching. They love life and what it has to offer.

So no matter what you like about the amusement park of life, enjoy all it has to offer. Always find time to help others, and pay some good forward in your ventures. Life is what you make it, no matter what ride you take.

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