Joshua Earl Best 38, of Medway, domestic violence, dismissed prosecutor request, assault, dismissed prosecutor request.

Charles A Buchanan 40, of Medway, theft, bench warrant ordered, bond $5,000.00

Charles A Buchanan Sr. 40, of Medway, crim.trespass, bench warrant ordered, bond $500.00

Randy Lee Clark 59, of Enon, theft, innocent, continued, napt.

Tara E Cook 32, of New Carlisle, ovi, guilty, 3 days of jail with 3 days suspended, 12 months of DL suspension, 3 days jail, cts for dip, fined $375.00

Leonard M Crank 24, of New Carlisle, assault, continued.

Austin M Ferguson 22, of Medway, domestic violence reduced to menacing, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 6 months of probation, apply bond to f/c, fined $250, assault, dismissed.

Daniel E Hicks 48, of New Carlisle, use/poss. drug paraphern., innocent, continued, napt, possession of drugs, innocent, continued.

Ryan T Jessee 39, of New Carlisle, resisting arrest, continued, disorderly conduct, continued.

Erica Laughlin 37, of Medway, ovi, continued.

Jennifer N Lucas 42, of Enon, falsification, continued.

Ryan D Mccreary 37, of Enon, ovi, continued.

Keaton A Mohler 18, of Medway, ovi, continued, dus, continued, dus, continued.

Zachary J Nabil 19, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, innocent, continued, pd apptd, assault, innocent, continued.

Mary G Nester 53, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, continued, assault, continued.

Kristina M Perdigon 30, of Medway, falsification, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $1,000, obstructing, innocent, continued, resisting arrest, innocent, continued.

Mark E Pierce 56, of New Carlisle, attempt, continued.

Allison Elizabeth Resnicky 21, of New Carlisle, ovi, continued, failure to drive on right, continued.

Printhia D Roush 40, of New Carlisle, child endangering, guilty, 180 days of jail, 180 days jail, subj to review on chem dep, assessment/rec, no contact.

Brandon E Sanning 24, of New Carlisle, dui, innocent, continued, napt, operate unsafe vehicle, innocent, continued, improper lane change, innocent, continued.

Gregg A Seebeck 55, of New Carlisle, wrongful entrustment, bench warrant ordered.

Gregg Seebeck 55, of New Carlisle, possess drug abuse instr., bench warrant ordered.

Joshua M Shell 27, of Enon, ovi, bench warrant ordered.

Anthony D Sowder 34, of New Carlisle, violation of tpo, guilty, 30 days of jail, credit for time served, 30 days jail, cts, po no longer in effect.

Kevin Stroble 26, of Medway, ovi, innocent, continued, open container/vehicle, innocent, continued, head lights, innocent, continued.

Charlene Ward 56, of Medway, ovi, continued, failure to control, continued.

Ryan R Warder 41, of Medway, domestic violence, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, bond $20,000, assault, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, bond $5,000.00

Michael S Wheeler 31, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, guilty, 180 days of jail with 180 days suspended, 6 months of probation, isp w/substance abuse assessment and treatment, no further incidents/no contact w/victim, assault, dismissed, unlawful restraint, dismissed.