Gerald D. Bridge 70, of Fairborn, ovi, continued, failure to control, dismissed.
Michelle D. Dearing 39, of Medway, child endangering, innocent, continued.
Anna M. Dohme 57, of New Carlisle, receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, pd apptd.
Jessica F. Doyle 33, of New Carlisle, criminal damaging, innocent, continued, pd appt.
Vernon Ervin 63, of New Carlisle Pk, ovi, innocent, continued, napt, ovi/breath, innocent, continued, lanes of travel, innocent, continued.
Angelia M. Jaques 38, of New Carlisle, physical control, dismissed, intoxicated pedestrian, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, jail sibj to review, follow up treatmet and counseling, no further incidents no alcohol related offenses, fined $50.00
Howard Clayton Lambert Jr. 52, of New Carlisle, violation of tpo, innocent, continued.
Melissa D. Moll 44, of New Carlisle, receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, forgery, innocent, continued.
John B Morris II 40, of Fairborn, pass bad check, dismissed.
Kimberly S. Nath 37, of Medway, theft, continued.
Tabitha M. Patrick 26, of Medway, theft, innocent, continued, pd apptd.
Nicholas M Pizzo II 28, of New Carlisle, assault, continued, aggravated menacing, continued.
William E. Potts 35, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, innocent, continued, assault, innocent, continued. Lisa M. Reed 43, of Medway, possession of drugs, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $5,000.00
Tyler J. Rhodes 19, of New Carlisle, bw served;deft jailed, guilty, bond $1,000, guilty.
Donelle J. Sanning 25, of New Carlisle, receiving stolen property, bench warrant ordered, bond $10,000.00
Kayla, Snodgrass 22, of Medway, possession of drugs, innocent, continued, poss of dangerous drugs, innocent, continued.
Christopher S. Thompson 51, of New Carlisle, ovi reduced to physical control, guilty, 3 days of jail with 3 days suspended, officer stalder paid contempt fine, als remains at defendant’s request.
Jared E. Triplett 37, of Medway, ovi, continued, 3 day program, dus, dismissed.
Jerry G. White 29, of Medway, possession of drugs, continued, pd apptd.
Amy L. Wollenhaupt 48, of New Carlisle, assault, innocent, continued.
Matthew A. Wright 31, of New Carlisle, ovi, innocent, continued, pd apptd, ovi;mari/metabolite, innocent, continued.