Bethel & Pike Twp.

Monday 10/30

7:43 p.m. A woman came to the New Carlisle Substation to report that she and her husband were involved in a verbal argument. She said she picked him up at work in Huber Heights and they started arguing. She said that he told her that he was going to jump out of the car. She said she tried to pull over so he could get out, but he grabbed the wheel putting the vehicle back onto the street. She said her juvenile daughter was in the car with them, and that the husband made vague threats, saying she was lucky the girl was in the car. She said she was able to pull over and he got out. She said that if she gets into any trouble, she would lose her job, and the husband threatens her with that fact all the time. She said that he has hit her in the past but that she has not reported it. She said that she would contact a lawyer tomorrow to file for divorce. She was given information on obtaining a protection order.

Tuesday 10/31

8:27 p.m. To N. Church St. for a report of a theft. A man reported that his Ford Focus had been taken without his permission. He said that he had a female houseguest and that he had let her use the car in the past. He said that he believes that she had a spare key to the car made. He said he texted her about the vehicle, but she said she did not have it. He would like to press charges.

Thursday 11/2

10:12 a.m. To N. Church St. for a report of a theft. A woman reported that overnight someone entered her vehicle and took the face plate off of her car stereo. Nothing else was missing.

11:55 a.m. To N. Adams St. for a report of a theft. A man reported that someone stole a black leather bag from his vehicle. The bag contained miscellaneous paperwork, a prescription for Ibuprofen, sunglasses and gloves. A neighbor soon called to report finding the bag on her porch. It was returned to the owner.

Friday 11/3

2:50 a.m. A deputy was at the corner of Smith and Lake and saw a Honda Accord heading west on Lake Ave. The Accord fit the description of a vehicle that was reported stolen. The deputy followed the vehicle, ran the plates and found that it was, in fact, the stolen vehicle. He tried to initiate a traffic stop, but the Honda picked up speed. The Accord was swerving and the passenger door opened and closed several times. It finally came to a stop on Lake at Spinning. A man got out of the passenger side and asked the deputy not to shoot. He said that the driver told him to get out. The deputy approached the vehicle and it took off and turned left on Scarff road at a high rate of speed. The driver failed to negotiate the first curve and crashed into a resident’s yard. The deputy called for backup and followed the vehicle. He could not tell if anyone was in it because of the heavily tinted windows. Three Clark County deputies, two Ohio State Patrol troopers and two Miami County deputies soon arrived. They approached the vehicle and found it to be abandoned. A K9 from the Kettering Police Department arrived to search for the driver. He was found at the rear of a residence on Scarff Rd. hiding under a small tree. He had lacerations to his face and was bleeding from his nose and mouth. Several opened packages of Suboxone were discovered underneath him. He stopped breathing and deputies could detect no pulse. Chest compressions were begun and two rounds of Narcan were administered. He started having seizures and started to breathe again. Bethel Miami medics arrived and transported him to Miami Valley Hospital. The driver, William Zale, was charged with fleeing and eluding.

6:54 p.m. To Church & Lake for a report of an accident. A PT Cruiser was turning south onto Church St. The driver of a black truck northbound on Church said he misjudged the other driver turning south and pulled out, striking the PT Cruiser. The driver of the truck had trouble standing and smelled of an alcoholic beverage. He failed field sobriety tests. Three magazines and several rounds of ammunition were found in the truck. He was taken to the Clark County Jail for a breath test and blew 0.174. He was cited for failure to yield right-of-way and OVI and ordered into court.

Thursday 11/9

Time Not Given A deputy saw a vehicle pull out of Galewood and go north on Rt. 235. The deputy was familiar with the driver and knew that he had no license. He initiated a traffic stop in the IGA parking lot. The deputy patted the driver down and found a knife, a pair of scissors, several phones and “a wad of money.” The deputy saw the driver hiding something in his hand. He was hiding an empty capsule. The deputy collected the capsule and found another capsule rolling across the parking lot from the driver. The deputy looked in the car and saw a digital scale. The vehicle was searched, and he found several more cell phones, syringes, jewelry bags, two torches, several other electronic devices and a bag of meth. The driver was arrested for trafficking in meth, possession of drugs, trafficking in drugs in the vicinity of children and cited for driving under suspension. He was taken to the Clark County Jail. While enroute to the jail, the driver said he buys eight balls of meth for $115, then sells half grams for about $50. He said he can make more money if he makes smaller amounts. The deputy commented that his profit margin wasn’t very big. The driver said he wasn’t greedy.

Friday 11/10

9:45 a.m. A deputy saw a woman walking in front of a known drug house. When the woman saw the deputy, she turned and started toward the house. The deputy waited where he could watch the house. The woman came out of the house, went to a car across the street, then went back into the house. Then a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt came out of the house and went to the car. The car then went north on Smith St. The deputy went north on Orth Dr. and another deputy tried to catch up to them on Smith St. The car stopped at a driveway and the man got out and walked south. The car then went north on Smith St. and did not stop for the stop sign at Smith and Lake. The deputy initiated a traffic stop. He asked the female driver about the man and what happened. She said he got into the car and dropped “glass” on the floor, so she made him get out. The deputy had her get out of the car and patted her down. He found a bag of Meth in her pocket. She said she got it from the man who was in the car. The deputy then radioed the other deputy to stop the man and he did. The man said he got the meth from yet another man. Both were arrested. The man, Clayton Jeremy Allen, was charged with five counts of distribution of drugs and four counts of possession of drugs.

Saturday 11/11

Time Not Given To S. Church St. for a report of an unwanted guest. The deputy arrived to see an individual there that the deputy knew was under suspension and is known to have drugs and carry weapons. The deputy waited outside to see if the suspect was driving. Soon the suspect got into a vehicle and left the scene. The deputy initiated a traffic stop. The driver reached into the passenger side with his right hand and the deputy ordered him out of the vehicle. The deputy saw a glass pipe on the passenger seat. The driver said he had two guns in the car. The deputy located the guns in a plastic container that also contained meth. There was also a straw that had white powder on it. All items were collected and submitted to property. The suspect, Kurtis Sadgebury, was charged with possession of meth, improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle, carrying concealed weapons, possessing weapons under disability and three counts of driving under suspension. He was taken to the Clark County Jail.

Bethel Twp. (Miami)

Saturday 11/11

2:39 p.m. Trespassing complaint in the area of S. State Route 202 and E. State Route 571. Dispatch advised deputy an individual was trespassing on private property and shooting a gun. After further investigation, the individual was located and warned for trespassing.

Sunday 11/12

11:49 p.m. Criminal damage reported at A and R Reck MHP, 4220 US Route 40. Resident stated someone tried to break into his residence. It was found that no entry was made.

Wednesday 11/15

6:52 p.m. Theft of a license plate reported in the 5800 block of Studebaker Road.

Thursday 11/16

11:08 p.m. Accident with no injuries reported in the 6800 block of S. State Route 202

Friday 11/17

1:22 p.m. Suspicious person in the 5600 block of Rudy Road. After investigation, an adult male was arrest on a warrant out of Clark County.

4:44 p.m. Welfare check in the 7600 block of S. County Road 25A. A juvenile was transported to an area hospital at the request of the juvenile’s parents.

5:27 p.m. Accident with injuries in the area of Gingham Frederick and Peters Road.

Saturday 11/18

8:34 a.m. Traffic stop in the area of S. Dayton Brandt Road and S. State Route 201