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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 00:00

The Tecumseh Local School District has named Brad Martin as the new superintendent, taking over as Dr. Jim Gay retires.
With Martin being the 7th superintendent for the school district, he is the only one to be born, raised, and graduated as an ARROW.  At 38 years old, he is relatively young for such a position and his joy and honor for this position is not hidden behind the smile on his face.  Brad is a lifetime resident of the area, and with saying that, here is a little background on Brad and how he has come to receive such an honor.
Brad’s parents, Dave and Linda Martin, are longtime residents of the area as well, with them both graduating from Tecumseh in 1970.  Brad has 2 brothers, Eric and Craig, with all three of them graduating in 91, 92, and 1994 respectively. Brad said, “He had lots of good experiences in this district when he went to school here, and his teachers always made him feel like they wanted him to be the best he could be and wanted to get to know him as a person.”  Brad went to college at Carson-Newman College in Tennessee.  He thought he wanted to be an accountant, because he likes numbers and thought that would be a good job, but after a short while of sitting behind a desk and crunching numbers all day, he soon realized how boring that was.  Brad spoke with his advisor, and she told him there were more options for him, as she mentioned “teaching”.  As he thought about his love for people, students, staff, numbers and this school district, he knew that would be the ideal position for him.  Martin got his master’s degree plus 27 hours from the University of Dayton, after the master’s there were 5 more classes to become a principal and 4 more after that to be considered for a superintendent.
Brad’s teaching career began as a tutor at Olive Branch, then went on to be a 4th grade teacher at Park Layne Elementary.  He then went back to Olive Branch as the assistant principal and part-time teacher.  When Mr. Campbell accepted the position of Director of Buildings and Grounds, Brad then took over the position of principal at Olive Branch.  When the two middle schools merged, he became the principal of the entire middle school.  July 2010 is when Brad was hired as Dr. Jim Gay’s assistant.
While attending college, Brad was introduced to his future wife, Jessica.  As Jessica was attending Wright State, they both knew they wanted to get their degrees before marrying.  Soon after marriage, Jessica landed a second grade teaching position in the Tipp City School District.  Brad and Jessica have 2 boys of their own now, David (7) and Jeffery (5), they are both still young says Martin, and I try to take them to as many school functions as possible. Between him and Dr. Gay, they have tried to attend as many evening functions as possible.  It is impossible to attend them all though.  We have a very active school system, well supported by the community and it shows by such high attendance at all our school functions.
It will be difficult coming in at a time when the school and community are facing financial hardships.  But, our district has always been very supportive of our renewals, and we just need to show them how desperately an increase in base monies is needed.  Though we have made many cuts to our budget, the cuts from the federal and state government have been deeply felt.
This is my 16th year in our school district. I’m an Arrow through and through. I intend to stay in this area as long as the district will keep me around!  I do not want to move my children; I want them to enjoy the same support I felt while attending school here.  This is the best school district.  I live 5 minutes away so it is easy to get back and forth to the school activities.  I, also, wish to continue some of the work Dr. Gay has started; improving student achievement and insuring students’ safety and well-being.  I wish for no child in this district to ever feel unsafe or unsupported in our schools.  Our board has been so supportive of everything I’ve done.  I so appreciate their choosing me.  They could have selected from a number of qualified individuals to step into Dr. Gay’s shoes.
As a principal, I don’t think I could have moved on without the support of our staff.  It takes so many people to make a child’s education happen.  By no means is it about me.  It is about the parents who get the kids up, the buses that pick them up, the bus aides that keep them safe, the breakfast and lunch providers to keep their bellies full, the teachers that work so hard to insure the knowledge is given and received, and then all the staff that support in so many different ways.  Brad officially started his new position on January 1, 2013.  New Carlisle is wishing Brad Martin the very best in his new position and his further achievements.

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