Duke, a pitbull less than a year old, was shot by a Clark County Deputy Sheriff Tuesday night. Submitted photo
UPDATE at 9:15pm

The owner tells us that the dog is at a veterinarian's office and will be held for observation tonight. If he makes it through the night, the dog will undergo surgery tomorrow.


A Clark County Deputy fired an unknown number of shots a dog in Crystal Lakes on Tuesday evening during a traffic stop.

The incident occurred in the 200 block of Kennedy Rd. around 7:00 p.m.

Deputies on the scene would not give us any details, saying that only a Lieutenant can talk to the press. We were told that a Lieutenant will not be on duty until Wednesday morning.

What we have been able to piece together is that a deputy initiated a traffic stop near the Kennedy Rd address.  It is currently unclear how, but bystander with a dog became involved, and the deputy told a man to control the dog or it would be shot.

Conflicting reports of the dog's behavior are emerging. The owners of the dog are maintaining that the dog did nothing wrong. However; people familiar with the area tell us that the dog charges at everyone and everything. Neither can be confirmed or denied at this time.

The dog was alive and was being taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

A woman on the scene  was visibly upset with the deputies. "Is that what you guys do, go around shooting peoples' dogs," she screamed in a profanity-laced tirade. “What am I going to tell my 6-year-old now?”

The man who was holding the dog was heard to say, “The deputy told me to control the dog or he would shoot him, and he just shot him.”

Deputies on the scene did tell us that the dog was shot to protect the deputy. No one else was injured.

No information was given regarding the occupants of the traffic stop either.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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