New Carlisle City Council voted unanimously to put an additional 3 mill levy on the May 8 ballot. The levy is for five years.

“We’re having serious issues retaining good people,” said City Manager Randy Bridge. “We’re losing out non-stop to a lot of private industries that pay more. We’re also losing out to areas adjacent to us that pay more as well.”

The New Carlisle Fire Dept. pays the lowest wage of any nearby department.

Fire Chief Steve Trusty said that the city’s front-line pumper is 20 years old. “Our equipment is very much older than what other departments are using,” he said.

He also stated that, according to National Fire Protection Association standards, 20-year-old pumper cannot be in a front-line position.

A front-line pumper is the first one out of the station on a fire run.

Trusty estimated the price of a new engine at $400,000 plus equipment.

“We would take the equipment from the front-line pumper we have now and put it on the new apparatus,” said Trusty.

The current pumper would then be put on a reserve status and would not need as much equipment.

Council Member Ronald Cobb suggested holding a work session to inform the public of the Fire Department’s needs. Trusty said that he had already planned to have several open houses at the fire station explaining the expenses in running the department and the department’s needs.

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