Deputy Rachel Allender apprehends Alisha Salyer on N. Church St.

New Carlisle Deputy Rachel Allender apprehended an escapee from the Clark County Jail at her home at 523 N. Church St. Sunday afternoon.

Alicia Salyer, age 25, reportedly climbed the fence at the Clark County Jail, was able to get over the barbed wire and jumped to the ground. We are told she hit “pretty hard” and may have damaged her ankle.

Salyer then reportedly stole a car at the Springfield Art Center and went to what was reported to be her home on Church St.

Allender was able to apprehend her at the residence and took her to the hospital to have her ankle X-rayed.

A neighbor told us that an older man has lived at the residence “as long as I can remember,” but that recently a lot of “twenty-somethings” have been coming and going and spending the night. “The deputies are here all the time,” he said.

Salyer was serving a sentence for driving under suspension, a misdemeanor. She is expected to be charged with escape and receiving stolen property, both felonies.


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Deputies question Alisha Salyer

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