Chad D Baker 38, of New Carlisle, criminal damaging, continued.

Jason Barga 39, of New Carlisle, possess drug abuse instr., innocent, continued, napt.

Steven W Bird 49, of New Carlisle, windshield, continued, OR Bond.

Jessie T Burchfield 26, of New Carlisle, disorderly conduct by, continued.

Jessie Thomas Burchfield 26, of New Carlisle, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued, speed, continued.

Dennis Anthony Clawson 41, of New Carlisle, theft, continued, theft, continued.

Jed L Decker 24, of New Carlisle, falsification, dismissed, obstructing, guilty, 90 days of jail with 55 days suspended, 90 days jail, 55 susp, deft to serve 35 days, on no new offenses, obtain hsd, job..

Ashley Dixon 32, of Enon, child endangering, dismissed, assault reduced to menacing, guilty, fined $100, domestic violence, dismissed, resisting arrest, guilty, 30 days of jail with 30 days suspended, 30 days jail, susp on no like offenses, continued, counseling and treatment, and pay f/c by 6/20/2018, fined $100.00

Cody D Masters 25, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, innocent, continued, def to hire atty, no contact cond of bond, bond $5,000.00

Heather J Nabil 42, of New Carlisle, prohibition/comp.animals, dismissed, cruelty to comp.animals, guilty, 90 days of jail, 90 days, susp 87, deft to serve 72 hrs in jail, jail suspended on no companion animals for 5 yrs, wilson will be forfeited, deft to pay costs, confinement of dogs, dismissed, fail to register dog, dismissed.

Scott C Newman 60, of New Carlisle, ovi, continued, 3 day program.

Aaron M Pike 24, of New Carlisle, possession of drugs, continued, ovi, continued.

Emma Katherine Shroades 18, of Donnelsville, ovi, innocent, continued, pd apptd, marked lanes, innocent, continued.

James R Sprinkle 33, of Enon, physical control, continued.

Gordon Williams III 44, of New Carlisle, aggravated menacing, continued, OR Bond, domestic violence, continued.

Chad D Baker 38, of New Carlisle, criminal damaging, continued.