Danyale A Blair 26, of New Carlisle, possess drug abuse instr., bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.00

Derek, Brocious 19, of New Carlisle, crim.trespass, guilty, 14 days of jail with 14 days suspended, subject to review/no further incidents, fined $50, crim.trespass, dismissed.

Elisha K Ellis 38, of New Carlisle, child endangering, continued, child endangering, continued.

Dakota N Farley 28, of Medway, domestic violence, continued, assault, continued, endangering children, continued.

Gloria, Hoessli 22, of Medway, child endangering, continued.

Anna M Litteral 28, of New Carlisle, burglary, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $10,000, violation of tpo, innocent, continued.

Cody D Masters 25, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, dismissed.

Joel T Mcgowan 38, of New Carlisle, criminal damaging, dismissed.

Richard O Tyler 44, of Enon, firearms in motor vehicle, continued.

Timothy E Yerian 37, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, continued.