Bethel & Pike Twp

Sunday 2/11

8:59 a.m. To Lake Rd. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A woman reported that she and her husband were arguing over their children and because the husband is not making his daughter keep her room clean. She said that since he was not willing to do anything, she asked him to leave, and since he refused to do so, she was packing up his belongings. She said he then grabbed the car keys and put them in his pocket. She was trying to get the keys from his pocket and ripped his pants. The husband related the same story. Both were advised that the vehicle is marital property and the deputy cannot tell them who can take the vehicle, nor could he force either to leave.

Monday 2/12

10:57 a.m. To Grissom Ave. for a report of a theft. A woman reported that she wrote her landlord a check for $750 for rent. She said that her bank informed her that the landlord’s bank tried to withdraw $750 from her account three different times. She said she believes that her landlord is trying to steal money from her. She said that her bank is investigating and needed a report.

1:42 p.m. To the Medway Post Office for a report of an accident. A driver was backin gout of the parking lot and struck another vehicle. The driver was charged with improper backing.

5:21 p.m. To Weinland St. for a report of a theft. A woman reported that her step-daughter had possibly stolen prescription medication from her. She said that the daughter was recently released from rehabilitation. She did not wish to press charges but requested that the incident be documented.

6:47 p.m. To Milton-Carlisle Rd. for a report of a deer strike. The driver said he was westbound at about 45 MPH when he struck a deer. Neither the driver nor the deer were injured. The deer fled the scene.

Tuesday 2/13

2:49 a.m. To Brookfield Dr. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A man reported that his girlfriend is hiding her boyfriend under the bed. Both parties were found to be under the influence of narcotics. The room was checked and no other boyfriend was found. The girl’s father said he wanted the two to shut up and go to sleep. Both parties agreed their actions were stupid and went to bed.

10:00 a.m. To Sunrise Terrace for a report of a man yelling for help claiming that someone was shooting at him. As the deputy was responding, he saw the subject walking on Lake Ave. in the middle of the street, waving his arms in the air and yelling. He was uncooperative and seemed paranoid. The deputy found a syringe in his pocket. Witnesses on Sunrise Terrace did not see anyone chasing the man and heard no shots. He was also reported to have been in the Library parking lot yelling for help and causing serious alert to the employees and patrons. He was taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center for evaluation. He was charged with inducing panic and possession of drug abuse instruments.

Wednesday 2/14

3:18 a.m. To Dale Ridge Dr. for a report of a theft. A woman reported that a female subject asked to use her restroom. She said she let the woman in and the subject took her wallet from her purse. She said her daughter chased the subject but lost her in a back yard five houses up. Speedway was contacted, and they reported that the subject was in the restroom there. The deputy knocked on the door but the subject refused to answer. The subject finally came out and was wearing the clothing that the RP described and had mud and leaves on her shoes. The deputy checked her purse and found the RP’s wallet but the money was missing. The deputy also found a clear pipe with residue on it, two torches and other items. The deputy checked the trash can in the restroom and found a large wad of money, another pipe, scale and a needle. The subject said that nothing in the trash can was hers. She was taken back to the RP’s home and the RP was able to identify her as the woman who asked to use her restroom. She also identified her wallet. The subject then changed her story and said that the money was hers and she hit it because she knew the deputy would be looking for money. She also said that the pipe was hers but the needle was not. She was taken to the Clark County Jail, but they were not able to hold her. She was ordered into court, where she plead Not Guilty. This is the fifth time she has been charged with theft.

12:18 p.m. To Cambridge Ct. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A man reported that he had been arguing with his ex-girlfriend about Valentine’s Day because they are no longer together. He said he took the girlfriend’s phone to call the landlord and pay the rent, and that made the girlfriend mad. She said that she went through the house unplugging his electronic devices. The girlfriend said that she was mad because the man is still living there, and she can’t get over him while he is there. Both parties agreed to stay away from one another until things cool down.

Thursday 2/15

11:41 a.m. To Chestnut Dr. for a report of a domestic disturbance involving two brothers. Dispatch advised that one brother was on top of the other “beating the crap out of him.” The deputy arrived and one brother said that the other had left the scene on foot. He said he asked his brother for the shoes that the brother stole from him, and the other brother became offensive. He said that his brother was on meth and was acting paranoid. He said he asked his brother to pay for the shoes and his brother got in his face and shoved him against some shelves. He said his brother pulled a knife on him, swung it in his direction ripping his jacket. He said he was able to knock the knife out of his brother’s hand and pushed him to the couch. A woman who was on the scene said that she saw one brother on top of the other with a knife lying on the floor. She said she picked up the knife so no one could do any more damage. The other brother has a previous domestic violence conviction. Warrants were issued for felony domestic violence and felonious assault.

11:45 a.m. To N. Main St. for a report of an accident. A truck backing into Dollar General struck a light pole on the sidewalk in front of Studebaker’s Restaurant.

Friday 2/16

12:55 a.m. To Rhonda Dr. for a report of a stabbing. Deputies arrived to find the front door open and a man passed out on the couch. The intoxicated man was awakened and asked why deputies were in his home. He said that his sister sat on the couch next to him about two hours ago and sat on a knife that was between the cushions. He said he tried to do first aid. The sister was uncooperative and said that she fell on the knife and was not stabbed. At one point, she said “We don’t know who stabbed me.” She had a stab wound on her lower abdomen, but both were adamant that the brother did not stab the sister. The sister was transported to Miami Valley Hospital. No charges were filed.

Saturday 2/17

3:28 p.m. To First St., Medway, for a report of a burglary. Deputies arrived to find a vehicle with two occupants in front of the abandoned house. Another subject standing in front of the house yelled, ”Cops!” and ran to the rear of the house. The two occupants said that they were paid $5 to bring two subjects here to play basketball. Deputies entered the house and found a scale and a small amount of marijuana on it. They found no one in the house. They went out the back door and the RP stated that four subjects ran after leaving the house. In the back yard, deputies found a glass jar with some marijuana in it and two red tennis shoes that obviously came off of one of the subjects as they were running. Returning to the vehicle in front, one of the occupants said that one of the subjects left a book bag in the vehicle. In it were several glass jars and a small baggie with marijuana in it. In the trunk, deputies found another bag of marijuana. The driver said he had just bought it from one of the suspects. He said he had never used marijuana before and bought it to try it. The driver was charged with possession of marijuana and ordered into court. Deputies searched the area but did not find the suspects.

8:24 p.m. To Katherine Blvd. for a report of a domestic dispute. A man reported that he and his wife were involved in an argument about their relationship. He said that they pushed each other. The wife, who had left the residence, was reached by phone. She said that her husband was yelling in her face so she pushed him and he pushed her back. The husband said that if the wife returned, there would be no further problems.

9:22 p.m. To the area of Styer and Weinland for a report of a domestic disturbance. A woman reported that she was punched in the nose by her boyfriend’s father at a residence on Carmen Ave. A squad was called because she is 21 weeks pregnant and was on bed rest before the incident. She said that she and her boyfriend had only been staying there for a couple of days. She said that the father asked an 8-year-old grandchild to give him a hug, and she told him that the child would not be doing so. She said he pulled the child toward him and she got up, pushed the father away and got the child away from him. The child was the boyfriend’s child from another mother. The father said that the woman had no right denying him a hug from his grandchild. He and other witnesses identified the woman as the primary aggressor, but charges were declined.

No time given A State Trooper saw a vehicle southbound on Lake Rd. drift across the center line several times. He initiated a traffic stop when the vehicle turned right on Gerlaugh Rd. The driver said she had dropped her phone and rached down for it. Two females in the front seat said they were 17 years old, two females in the back seat said they were 15 years old. A third female in the back seat said she was 17 and the male in the back seat said he was 18. The trooper could smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver said they had been on Free Road shooting, and that there was a gun in the vehicle. The weapon, a Ruger .22 caliber rifle, was secured. The driver said that there were drugs in the vehicle earlier, but wasn’t sure if there was any more. The parents of the juveniles were called and picked up their children. The driver did not do well on field sobriety tests. She was charged with driving left of center, OVI and a seat belt violation. The male passenger, who was in possession of the rifle, was charged with improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle and using weapons while intoxicated. He was searched, and the trooper found six grams of dabs and two dabs pucks. He was also charged with possession of controlled substances.

No Time Given To Ayers Pike and Studebaker Rd. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A man reported that he was driving on Ayers Pike when he heard a woman yelling for help. He said he pulled up to a van and saw a male subject stomping on a woman’s head. He said he told the man that he had a CCW and the male subject started coming at him. He said the male subject tried to get the woman to leave with him and she said no. He said the subject told him he was going to come to his house and threatened him with bodily harm. The woman said that she arrived home from work and the subject pulled up and said “take a ride with me.” She said she thought he was going to go get cigarettes. She got in his van and he took her phone and threw it in the back so she could not get to it. She said he took her to a country road that she had never seen before and parked the van next to some woods. She said she asked him several times to take her home, but he wouldn’t. She said he accused her of cheating on him and she had better tell him the truth or she wouldn’t make it out of the woods. She said she saw a car coming and started yelling for help and tried to get out of the van, but the subject grabbed her trying to pull her back in. She said she fell out of the van and the subject stomped on her head and stomach. The woman and the subject have a three-year-old child together. The subject was charged with abduction, domestic violence and disrupting public services. The owner of the van reported that the subject did not have permission to be using it, so the subject was also charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

No Time Given To White Pine St. Deputies were informed that Jonathan Rockey, who had multiple pending felony and misdemeanor charges, was hiding in a vacant house on White Pine St. Deputies went to the home, found the back door open, searched the house but did not find Rockey. One deputy familiar with Rockey said that he often stays at another residence on White Pine St., but no one answered the door there. Deputies were then flagged down by the son of the owner of the second residence, and he said that the family was afraid to return to the home, fearing that Rockey may be in the home. Deputies tried to open the door with the key, but the door was dead-bolted, and they had no key to that lock. The homeowner said that there is no key and that the door had to be locked from the inside. The homeowner soon arrived on the scene and broke into his own home. Deputies then searched the residence and found Rockey, who had barricaded himself behind a dryer and had a rifle. Deputies approached the dryer with their weapons drawn and ordered Rockey to “drop the gun” and show his hands. Deputies tried for 20 minutes to get Rockey to surrender. During that time, they could hear him on the phone with his mother and with his ex-girlfriend. Rockey finally placed the rifle in front of the dryer and put his hands in the air. Deputies retrieved the rifle, a BB gun, and transported Rockey to the Clark County Jail.