The Bethel boys’ soccer team took a two goal lead at the half, and rolled to a 6-1 victory over the Milton Union Bulldogs last week, giving longtime coach Bob Hamlin his 350th career victory.

Zach Cohee scored first off an assist from Sam McKenney, while Korry Hamlin added a goal later in the first half, giving the Bees a 2-0 lead.

Daniel Ross capped the Bees scoring at the half when he scored an unassisted goal, sending the Bees in front 3-0. Keltonn Dilhoff scored for Milton before the half, sending the game into the intermission with the Bees enjoying a 3-1 lead.

“I thought the boys played well,” Hamlin said. “Milton is a tough place to play, the field is narrow and Milton always plays hard.”

“We were able to move the ball and keep pressure in the final third.”

Hamlin scored again to open the second half, with the assist going to Elijah Thomas pushing their lead to 4-1.

Scoring the final two goals of the game for Bethel was McKenney, which included assists from Hamlin and Tyler Brueckman.

*Also last week, the Bees pitched a shutout against Brookville on Saturday night 3-0, behind a pair of goals from Brueckman.

“This was probably our best game of the year,” Hamlin said. “Brookville passed the ball and moved it well in the beginning of the game, however we settled in and midway through the half we started to control more of the play and put more pressure on them.”

Evan Hawthorn started off the scoring in the first half, then Bruckman scored two minutes into the second half to secure the game for the Bees. This was Chris Terrian’s first shutout.

Bethel hosts Newton tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

Bethel Girls Soccer- Following a rough 3-0 loss to Milton Union earlier in the week, the Bethel girls’ soccer team cruised to an easy 10-0 win against Yellow Springs, to earn their second win of the young season.

“It was a good win for us, and it was the first time that we have played Yellow Springs,” Bethel coach Amanda Crase said. “We started off strong and passed the ball well. We had numerous shots in the game, we probably had 8-10 shots at goal before we even scored.”

“We finally broke the ice and it was a trickle effect,” Crase added. “Our shots then just started falling into the net.”

It was a good win for the Bees, as they used their loss to Milton to motivate them and this helped the team.

“We just came off a tough loss and this got their spirits up,” Crase said. “We have a week now before we play, and they just need to continue their communication on the field. As soon as it lacks, it falls apart.”

Crase noted the play of Erica Turner and Kayla Grable for their play during this early season.

“Erica is our main scorer, and is an all-around player,” the Bees coach said. “Kayla has done a great job at sweeper for us, and even scored a goal for us.”