I want to bring about facts and misconceptions of Issue 4, Income Tax credits for New Carlisle. It is very simple it will hurt the city in two years or less. Immediately noticed will be a reduction of the local deputies. Do you remember when we had only one deputy, it was not that long ago? I hear about crime in NC and after the layoff crime fast hit 40 percent. It was like a sign was put out. Then the .05 percent increase passed so the three deputies can be rehired crime rate came down. It was a terrible time.

That .05 percent helped to free up$400,000 in general funds for other projects, and long needed update in equipment. Put us on the road to recovery.

Do you remember being in fiscal watch? Fiscal watch is one of the first steps in the takeover operations by the State of Ohio. We will lose all ability to govern ourselves. That comes when income does not match the budget. State auditors; give the city financial people time to reduce the budget to equal income. It was all out of whack. I personally attended meetings of state auditors and had conversations with New Carlisle Finance Director to develop a plan. The help with administration sacrifice of employees, and understanding of council we finally got Fiscal Watch lifted. But that could not be done without income tax.

General Funds can be used as a process of a loan for example water, waste water, streets, and fire. These are called enterprise funds, sometimes; we try to keep cost for these services down and affordable. Occasionally something happens to break and has to be replaced immediately instead of looking around for an interest paying loan it can come out of the general fund. An example of this is the cleaning of the water tower. Some of the surplus money can be used to do the initial cleaning instead of raising the water rates right off the bat. But without the income tax that thought cannot be a consideration.

This year the budget has been trimmed and employees have sacrificed to provide with many other services. If your household was planning to remodel your house then lost 60 percent of income you would have to make drastic changes in order to make ends meet. If not it could lead to dire circumstances.

If this passes City of New Carlisle will lose $984,000 on an already trimmed budget. The Ohio law states income tax should be paid in the place of employment and residence. I agree this is not fair. But are you really getting bang for your buck at the place you work. New Carlisle provides you, the resident services not provided by the city of employment.

I personally want a good place to live a safe place to live with clean and safe water to drink. As for me and my house we will Vote No for Issue 4 and keep the budget balanced. Keep New Carlisle on the right track to success.

John Krabacher

Vice Mayor

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